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Building Muscle Mass Using Calisthenics


The fundamental goal behind every exercise is to get fit and reach that perfect muscle mass. Mostly, people opt for weight training to acquire that ideal physique. However, few are familiar with the fact that there are other ways to gain muscle mass as well. One of these ways is by doing calisthenics. Calisthenics can help you in achieving the perfect body tone that everyone desires without doing weights.

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is like a fitness program in which a variety of exercises are carried out using gravity and body weight leverage to enhance your current fitness level. The activities include gross motor movements like grasping, running, pushing, standing, etc. The sole purpose of these workouts is to increase your stamina, flexibility, and physical strength. Calisthenics originally started in Greece as a method to promote physical health among students.

Calisthenics is usually practiced outdoors; therefore, it is commonly known as a street workout. During calisthenics, you utilize your body weight to work out aggressively. This is simply because your body doesn’t care about the origin of resistance. It only cares about if it can overcome the stress produced as a result of that resistance.

How can Calisthenics help in increasing muscle mass?

To gain muscle mass, you have to be able to accommodate stress produced as a result of training. This training can be of any form as long as it’s hard enough for your body to worry about. Once your body starts worrying about the amount of stress produced as a result of exercising. It will try to compensate for this effect by increasing its calorie intake (i.e., food). And, as a result of this overcompensation, this will add muscle. Therefore, the primary goal to achieve muscle mass is to produce enough stress in your body as a result of which it is forced to go in adaption to gain muscle mass.

Calisthenics can be very effective in producing the right amount of stress on your muscles. In calisthenics instead of adding external weights to produce stress we use our body weight to gain muscle mass. Calisthenics is a hardcore fitness routine by which you can not only build muscle mass but also develop endurance, increase strength and improve your body tone.

Eccentric & Concentric movements:

To achieve mass muscle start by splitting your routine into concentric and eccentric movements. By doing so, your body will respond by developing. We advise that take things slow, i.e. instead of stressing your muscles with as many push-ups or pull-ups that you can do try to maintain a balance. For instance, try making equal time for each set.

Angular Training:

After building stamina through eccentric training move to Angular training to gain your desired muscle mass. In angular training, you use angles to produce a high level of stress in your muscles. Some common examples of angular training are wall push-ups, typewriter push-ups, etc. the strain produced in the muscles as an outcome of this training will tear your muscles, and in compensation, new muscle mass will form.

Another great way to support your muscle mass training is by improving your eating habits, and the best way to enhance your diet is by using some form of supplements. The best and most common form of supplements is protein powders. Therefore, we recommend that you should check our listing of Best tasting protein powders.

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