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How Numerous Debts Can Affect Your Health

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You have several debts to repay and to different creditors throughout the month. It means that you need to make multiple payments on different dates. On top of it, you are running short of funds and that is killing you, thus affecting your health.

Debts prove bad for your wellbeing and that of your loved ones. Be it student loans, home loans, vehicle loans, or personal loans, you have so many payments to make and your bank account keeps showing amounts debited in red. Many US citizens fail to pay their bills on time and so they have collection agency agents chasing them for money. Yes, the fear of collection agencies will drain your physical and emotional health. There is no doubt about it.

No matter who you are and what profession you practice, science proved that debt and financial worries will leave you sick, both physically and mentally. According to an article published on, studies from the University of Southampton showed that mental conditions like neurosis and depression affect people with debt more than people who have no financial stress. The only solution is paying off your multiple loans and merging them into a single payment through debt consolidation. There is no other choice unless you get enough cash to clear all dues immediately, which is unlikely. Read on to learn how debts can affect your health.


Monetary problems make all anxious. There is no need to prove the same. All know it. However, based on the findings of Sweet’s research, people trapped in debt have 11.7 percent stress levels than those without any debts. High levels of stress also lead to high blood pressure. It is true that loans have a serious impact on human health. It is a feeling of being under some kind of pressure and not able to come out of it. If you cannot repay your loans, the situation will linger for months and years, thus having a detrimental effect on your overall health.

Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to dig out of debts as soon as possible. If you are plagued with any health conditions, consult a medical professional right away. If left ignored, things can get worse.

High blood pressure

Based on the findings of Northwestern University, adults in the age bracket of 24-32 years with high-to-asset ratio have reported poor health conditions. Before explaining further, let us understand what high-to-asset ratio means. Well, it is a financial situation when after selling all your property and possessions, you still run short of funds to repay the amount you borrowed from a lender. Now, people in such a financial condition have high blood pressure, another health hazard that often leads to stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Today, even young professionals suffer from heart conditions and high blood pressure due to financial stress. It shows how debt can prove fatal to your overall health at an age when you should enjoy perfect health conditions. Therefore, if you are looking for consolidated loans to pay off your creditors, research on lenders with positive debt consolidation reviews by borrowers. It will help you choose the right lender to dig out of your debt as soon as possible.

Depression and poor immunity

Debt not only affects the young generation but also older adults. Those with family and kids need to take home loans and vehicle loans for a comfortable life when they were young. With time, these people age and time passes by soon. However, they fail to make both ends meet after paying high loan interests every month. Yes, they too fall prey financial problems, affecting their mental state.

Based on the findings of a 2014 Rutgers University research, it was revealed adults, who are 51 years and above, are susceptible to depression. It is applicable for people with a very high, unsecured debt such as credit card debts and medical bills. These individuals suffer from depression and mood swings because they have no control over their finances.

Debt also leads to poor immune health. Though there are no specific studies, experts believe that it is not difficult to relate debt with poor immunity in humans. It is true that chronic stress suppresses the human immune system, and debts are a major cause of chronic stress. There is no doubt about the same. Financial worries and the fear of not repaying on time keep you awake at night. If this continues for several months, your body loses the ability to fight deadly infections and serious ailments. Therefore, medical checkup on a periodic basis is essential for all, especially those with high debts.

Impact medical consultation

Individuals with high credit card balances or medical loans are less likely to consult a doctor for regular tests and checkups. That is because they do not have the money to pay for a doctor’s fee at the clinic. Based on the findings of a 2013 research by the University of Michigan, property loans and student loans have an adverse impact on health care.

The individuals cannot risk paying for their medical examination, especially if they do not have medical insurance in place. It means that debts not only takes a toll on your health but also prevents you from getting the right treatment due to monetary problems.

Physical pain

Studies also show that the worry of not paying off loans on time is related to physical pain like chronic neck aches and pain. Therefore, if you are experiencing physical pain such as neck and backache of late, then your credit card statements have something to do with the problem.

Based on the findings of a 2008 poll, it was revealed 44 percent of individuals with high debt-related stress suffered frequent headaches and migraines compared to just 15 percent of people with fewer debts. There are other health hazards related to debts including muscle strain, digestive tract disorders, heart attacks, and ulcers.


Now that you know, debts can affect your health in numerous ways, it is time to pay off your dues to creditors and become debt-free. Enjoy life without debts. Stay healthy and happy.

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