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The Benefits Of Using CBD Cream For Shoulder Pain

People suffering from chronic shoulder pain are all too familiar with the debilitating effects of their condition and how that pain can affect the way their whole day will go. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain and aren’t able to perform your daily responsibilities to the best of your ability, you may want to explore using CBD cream to alleviate your discomfort. Here are the information and benefits of using CBD in cream form to address your pain:

What is CBD cream?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical compound that is found in the hemp plant. Although it’s a cannabis product, it’s not a psychoactive one. This simply means that CBD and any products that contain CBD can possibly address your health concerns without getting you high or euphoric.

Cannabidiol can come in a variety of forms such as oils, tinctures, and vapes, which can be found in online stores like Trusted. Nowadays, CBD in creams are becoming quite popular. Usually, manufacturers select a carrier oil of either olive or coconut oil as the base for the cream. Then, the CBD is added into the base to make a cream for topical application.

CBD cream manufacturers may opt to add fragrant and healing essential oils to create variants of CBD cream. CBD and essential oils in the cream combine to heal your body of its pains.

What are the differences between CBD cream and CBD oil?

Basically, the main difference between CBD in cream and oil forms is in the manner of your taking CBD. If you’re taking CBD oil, you have to take the dropper and place the recommended drops under your tongue. You need to ingest CBD oil. CBD cream, on the other hand, is applied topically on the part of your body where you’re experiencing pain or inflammation.

Because of the manner in which your body takes in the CBD, patients have observed that taking the oil has a faster effect on your body. Although the CBD cream’s effect may not be felt at once, its pain-relieving effects last longer than what the oil can give you. Moreover, the CBD cream can target your shoulder pain directly because you’re applying the cream right on your shoulder.

What are the benefits of using CBD cream for shoulder pain?


One benefit of choosing CBD cream for addressing your shoulder pain is that you experience relief exactly where you need it. Applying the cream on your shoulder targets the body part you’re trying to heal because you’re putting the CBD cream on your skin. The CBD in the cream will get absorbed into the top layer of your skin and will work together with the cannabinoid receptors on your skin in order to soothe your shoulder. Since CBD creams don’t get absorbed into your bloodstream, it’s perfect for your localized shoulder pain. Whereas over-the-counter pain-relieving creams and lotions only give temporary and surface relief, CBD creams go deeper into the painful shoulder and provide greater relief.

Another benefit of using CBD cream for your shoulder pain is that you’re maximizing the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory characteristics. Sometimes, your pain may be caused by a muscle that’s inflamed and impinging on your nerves. CBD cream can act to lessen swelling and inflammation in your shoulder area.

Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to target the cause of your chronic shoulder pains has its own risks and side effects. Some of these known side effects are vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, or drowsiness. In more severe cases, patients have been known to suffer liver and kidney failure, as well as ulcers. Trying out CBD creams as an alternative to traditional medications may help you avoid worse illnesses and conditions.

A third benefit of applying CBD cream to alleviate your shoulder pain is that you don’t experience the unavoidable side effects that strong over-the-counter pain medicines may cause, such as nausea or hyperacidity. More importantly, CBD creams are not addictive unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound of cannabis that can affect you by making you high. Your body won’t build tolerance for CBD creams. In certain instances, if you take traditional pain medications too often, your body will get used to that particular brand of medicine and it will no longer work to address your pain.



Nowadays, you’re no longer limited to the options for pain relief medications available to you in your neighborhood drugstore or pharmacy. You may actually order CBD creams online from reputable websites or natural health stores, and try applying these on your painful shoulder. Experience the natural healing power of CBD to cure your chronic pain.

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