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Jay Masters Go Fund Me

Piss Troopers unite! mSm Family & Delray Misfits member Big Jay Masters needs our help. Even a few extra bucks can help. Here’s the info and link:


Welcome to the one & only official Gofundme arranged for Jay Masters.  In early April of this year Jay suffered two completely ruptured quad tendons while attempting a 6oolb. squat that resulted in reconstructive surgery on both knees.  His extensive rehab is going to keep him out of work as a truck driver for 3 months.  His lack of income during this time along with accumulating bills is going to put him in a deep hole.  On behalf of Jay, his Delray Misfit family has created this Gofundme for him in hopes of providing him with financial assistance during this time.  Misfit Maniacs have always demonstrated their loyalty & generosity on the few occasions it’s been requested.  If there was ever a time in which we’d hope to count on it again, it’s now for Big Jay.  Thank you.



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