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7 Beginner-Level Fitness Tools That Aren’t a Waste of Money

Courtesy of Sean Williamson

Fitness is a complete mindset. It requires you to acknowledge the importance of your body, to respect it, to become aware of its strengths and limitations, and to work on it with diligence. Not many people recognize their physicality as an asset. They think of their bodies as an expendable resource and thereby, treat it with negligence. Those that do acquire the mindset, however, become proponents of the wisdom behind the adage, ‘in health, there lies wealth.’

If you’re a recent convert of the fitness regime and wish to break the chains of lethargy without having to empty your dollar bank on those fancy gym memberships, then, I’d say, you’ve come to the right place. This post will list the perfect beginner-level fitness tools that can be easily set up in your home gym and that you’ll ever need to tap into your body’s ultimate potential. Check them out below.

Fitbit Charge 3

Price: $119.95 @Amazon

The more you know about your body’s overall activity in a day, the better you’ll be able to improve on it and achieve your fitness goals. How can you do that? With a fitness tracker. Speaking of which, Fitbit’s latest Charge 3 is one of the best bands in the market, having amazing features such as 24/7 heart rate monitoring, calorie burn count, real-time workout stats, lasting battery life up to seven days at least, 15+ exercise modes, sleep tracking, water resistance up to 50m, and a wonderful smartphone app syncing. You can send texts, receive calls or check the weather right from your wrist. Cool, right? Design-wise, Charge 3 is slim, sleek, with a smooth touchscreen interface and a haptic-based home button. You won’t even notice it’s there, and yet get all your information on the go with this budget-friendly tracker.

Sivan Yoga Set 6-Piece

Price: $39.99 @Amazon

An optimal fitness experience includes muscle building, fat torching and flexibility harnessing that essentially comes from yoga. Yoga is an age-old physical and spiritual practice with many health-giving benefits. You can either join a club or catch the extensive yoga tutorials online over your internet connection if you’re starting out. Regardless, you will need a starter kit, and Sivan offers the ideal yoga set to you for an incredibly cheap price. This package includes a yoga mat (ultra-thick, ribbed non-slip surface), two yoga blocks (foam-supported), a yoga strap (extendable), and two yoga towels (with micro-fiber and prime absorption). Perfect for all body types and yoga postures.

Tone Fitness Kettlebell Set 3-Piece

Price: $37.02 @Amazon

Take it slow and steady. That is what fitness trainers usually preach to newbies. In that regard, I’d recommended you to get this colorful kettlebell set of three by Tone Fitness because you can start with the lower 5 pounder and gradually build your way up to the heftier 15-pound weight. Moreover, the triplet bells are coated with a fine vinyl finishing, consist of a smooth handle for a comfortable grip, come with a DVD, are cement-based and thereby, much more economical than the expensive cast iron varieties. Great for squats, snatches, swings, deadlifts and other cross-training workouts at home.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Price: $10.95 @Amazon

For a perfect low-impact workout, opt for a high-end resistance band set, such as the one offered by Fit Simplify. Made of 100% cruelty-free latex, this set consists of 12″ by 2″ loops going up to five resistance levels. Meaning, you can get a full exercise session out of it, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trainer. The bands are pretty easy on the skin and durable enough for a long-lasting usage (lifetime guaranteed!). They come with a complementary instruction manual and a free e-book with helpful illustrations. Plus, they’re super easy on the pocket!

The Step Original Aerobic Platform

Price: $27.48 @Amazon (for two Risers)

Having a step in your home gym can help you accomplish more than one exercise goals. You can do step-aerobics or use it as a weight bench. Add risers to increase the difficulty level and perform lunges or other weight training exercises. Amazon rates The Step’s platform as the best in its category, because of its make (USA-produced recyclable high-density polyethylene), its durability (supports up to 275 lbs), its non-skid grooved surface, and its adjustable height (2 risers or 4 risers) among others. Plus, the price is pretty decent too, for a beginner.

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

Price: $12.47 @Amazon

Wrists are a sensitive part of the body. Too much weight and they could get dislocated from pressure or get injured from friction. That is why you should support your joints with Rip Toned’s amazing wrist wraps. Labeled as “Amazon’s Choice”, these high-performance 18” straps are ideal for any kind of strength training, challenging lifts or advanced routines. Besides offering premium protection, the wrist wraps are finely stitched and with a wide Velcro coating for maximum durability, empowering your workouts at the lowest cost possible.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Price: $10.00 @Amazon

Cardio burns fat. That’s a fact. There are many ways to do cardio. One of them is jumping a rope out of the sheer joy of it, like you used to do as a child. With 6,743 customer reviews on Amazon, this skipping rope by Survival and Cross is surely THE rope for you. Flexibility, durability, lightweight ease, adjustable length, and jaw-dropping affordability—it’s got your every need taken care of. Do give it a go.

So, even though a fitness lifestyle upgrade may seem like a daunting feat at first, the aforementioned tools are sure to make the transition easier for you. Do give them a go, and let me know how they ‘work out’ for you.

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