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Ten Things You Need To Know About Cannabis Oil Before Buying

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Business owners and consumers are in love with CBD. Several leading brands in the US, including Walgreens and CVS, are thinking about selling CBD products. There are whispers about coca cola thinking about CBD-based drinks. In a world that is going gaga over CBD, it makes little sense of the Australians to miss out on the goodness of this “magic” compound. CBD comes bearing the promise of health and wellness for the consumers.

In Australia, CBD is still a schedule 4 drug and finding it online is a little difficult for most. Locating high-quality CBD-rich products like cannabis oil is still a challenge that many users have to face every month. If you are a beginner, you should know a few facts about CBD that will help you find the right places that sell high-quality products.

Here is what you will need to know to find the best quality cannabis oil in Australia –

  1. Talk to your doc

You can find standard quality cannabis oil via the Special Access Scheme. For that, you will need an authentic prescription from your doctor. Talk to your doctor to find out if he or she has registration at the state and federal levels. Although there are only a handful few medical professionals in each state, who have the authority to write prescriptions for medical cannabis products, it is not impossible to find a doctor if you really need cannabis oil to treat your ailments.


  1. Cannabis oil and hemp oil are different

Hemp oil comes from the seeds and stalks of the hemp plant. Hempseed and stalk do not have any CBD at all. The hemp oil you can find in the market has little to no therapeutic effect that CBD confers. CBD-rich hemp oil and cannabis oil contain CBD or cannabidiol. It is the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and anti-oxidant you need to treat a plethora of chronic ailments.


  • CBD in cannabis oil is non-psychotropic

THC is the compound that gets people high, but CBD has no psychotropic properties at all. THC is responsible for the “high” people experience after using marijuana. It is detectable on drug tests. However, CBD is entirely safe to use. CBD-rich oils and full spectrum CBD oils contain between 0% and 0.3% THC, which is undetectable by regular drug tests. Don’t go for hemp oil just because it’s cheaper than the CBD rich oils available.


  1. CBD is not habit forming

CBD does not create dependence. Although CBD-rich cannabis oils are schedule 4 drugs in Australia, years of studies show that it is non-habit forming. According to the data WHO has provided, CBD is entirely safe for consumption. We absolutely love CBD Oil Australian which shows tons of great cannabis extract pointers over at their official page.


  1. Cannabis oil comes in many types

You can find full-spectrum CBD rich oil, broad-spectrum CBD rich cannabis oil and pure (99%) CBD oil. Broad spectrum CBD rich cannabis oil contains some amount of THC, and it is rare in Australia. Full spectrum CBD rich oil can come from cannabis or hemp, and it does not have any THC at all. It does have other essential terpenes and cannabinoids. Pure CBD oil typically comes from hemp since this plant produces no THC and a high concentration of CBD in its flowers and leaves. Pure CBD oil usually lacks other terpenes and phytocannabinoids. Depending on the purpose of use, you should pick either one of these types.


  1. All CBD oils offer incredible health benefits

Irrespective of which type you pick, you can expect a few health benefits for sure. Full spectrum oils have an entourage effect that makes the CBD more potent than in the pure CBD cannabis oils. Pure CBD cannabis or hemp oils contain CBD only so you can expect its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anxiolytic and pain-relieving effects to be lesser than that of full spectrum CBD oils.


  • Oil is not the only solution

Consuming CBD oil might not be convenient for everyone, every day. People might need to consider other methods of consumption including edibles, chewable, soft gel capsules and tinctures. CBD oils have become more palatable than they were before. Most manufacturers add lemon and mint flavours to their CBD oil and extracts. However, you might want to consider other consumable forms for instant access while travelling or at work.


  • Adding cannabis oil to beverages

You can consume cannabis oil orally with beverages. Try adding a drop to your iced tea or bubble tea for instant relief from the summer fatigue. You can also add CBD rich hemp oil to your cold coffee for an immediate kick of energy. However, just like any other oil, cannabis oil does not mix with water, and you might see small bubbles floating around. That is completely normal. The flavour of your drink should mask any earthy tone present in the natural and organic CBD oil.


  1. Mixing with topical creams and lotions

CBD rich oils can soak through the skin directly and interact with the endocannabinoid system. Therefore, a lot of people make their own CBD balms, CBD creams and CBD ointments. These CBD-rich topical products can provide instant relief from dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and allergic hives. You can store these creams for months, provided you don’t expose them to intense heat.


  1. Know your CBD brand

There are hundreds of new CBD brands coming up in the market. Some of the most popular lifestyle brands are also promising to bring forth CBD products for Australian consumers. However, CBD products are still expensive in the country. Irrespective of your location and product of choice, you should vet a brand thoroughly before paying. Only a handful few of the manufacturers know enough about cannabis and CBD to offer the best CBD rich cannabis and hemp products to their consumers. Talk to representatives and do your own research to get a bang for your buck!

The hundreds of strains, tens of extraction methods and a complete lack of regulation make shopping for cannabis products in Australia quite tricky. To find the best CBD rich cannabis oil, all you need to do is find a brand cum manufacturer you can completely trust. Keep the ten points in mind to be able to find the stellar CBD products in the current market.

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