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Why Do People Love CBD Isolates? What Can You Do With Them?

You must have already heard about CBD oil. Cannabis and its products have been in the news for quite a few years due to extensive research on their therapeutic properties. The use of cannabis products for treating neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular diseases and epilepsy is slowly gaining popularity across the globe. There is more credible research on the effects of the different cannabis compounds on human health.

The nationwide federal legality has strengthened the cannabis market in the US. Although the state-by-state laws vary greatly, the overall acceptance of cannabis products as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-depressant, and anti-oxidant is increasing steadily. Apart from cannabis oil, other cannabis derivatives are now available in the market. The most popular of all is the cannabinoid isolates. These either contain the entire repertoire of all cannabinoid compounds that a cannabis strain contains or highly selective compounds with specific therapeutic properties.

What are CBD crystals?

The high-quality cannabinoid crystals are pure and isolated cannabinoid compounds. The advanced extraction and purification techniques enable the companies to purify only cannabidiol (CBD) or a 1:1 mix of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) depending on the product formulation. During the isolation process, the companies purify the CBD crystals from the resin from the plant source. Therefore, any high purity CBD crystal you buy fromGlobal Cannabinoids is entirely white.

Which one is better?

Now, to answer the million dollar question – “are CBD crystals better than the CBD oils?” there are quite a few studies that show full spectrum CBD oils to be more effective than the isolated CBD crystals. However, the efficacy of a product will depend upon the purpose of its use. Most of the times, people seek our CBD oils and isolates for different purposes. CBD isolates work marvelously for those, who have THC sensitivity or have adverse reactions towards any other cannabinoid compound. Due to the high purity, they can enjoy the analgesic and anti-oxidant properties of CBD isolates without worrying about contraindication.

Why do people prefer CBD isolates over full spectrum tinctures?

A lot of consumers prefer the pure CBD isolates from reliable sources to avoid the entourage effect. Whole plant tinctures might have compounds their bodies have never encountered before. Many fear adverse reactions from trying full spectrum tinctures and extracts that contain psychoactive molecules. If you share similar fears, you will find several reasons to try the CBD isolates –

  1. It has NO THC

The pure (>99%) CBD extracts have no THC at all. Some people have reported failing drug tests at the workplace. There is no such concern with CBD isolates. Most drug tests look for the presence of hallucinogenic compounds and CBD is not one of them. As a result, a number of CBD product consumers are gradually leaning towards the safer alternative that offers them the same therapeutic qualities, without the risks of failed drug tests.


  1. You can add it to your cream

If you love DIY-ing your skin creams and topical ointments, you will love this one. You can create your all-natural, cure-it-all balm by mixing the CBD crystals with your medicated cream. Reports state that mixing it with topical lotions can relieve muscle soreness and even provide relief from chronic arthritic pain.


  • Making your CBD oil

If you are tired of not finding the right amount of CBD in your tinctures and oils, you can make your own at home. Simply measure out the CBD crystals precisely and add them to your MCT oil or cold pressed coconut oil. It can relieve chronic dryness of skin and help with pain management. It is one of the best ways to enjoy a CBD oil that’s all natural.


  1. You can dab CBD

The current report from CBD consumers is showing a growing preference for dabbing CBD for maximum potency. Even the senior crowd, who mostly use CBD extracts for pain management, prefer dabbing CBD isolates to experience their maximum pain-relieving effects. People who want to dab the crystals will require a dab rig. That is an additional expense. So, you might want to find out all about the cost of the pure CBD isolate and the dab rig before you make up your mind.


  1. You can vape it

If you don’t want to put in the additional effort of making your own CBD cream or buying a dab rig, you can go ahead and use it the good old fashioned way. You can use the CBD crystals in your vape pen. CBD vaping is insanely popular nowadays, and you can find a safe and reliable vaporizer either online or at your local cannabis store. Invest in a reputed product and sprinkle some on the vape pen. That is all you need to do to enjoy the goodness of CBD by vaping.


  1. You can cook/bake with them

First, do not ingest them directly like you would take your CBD capsules or soft gels. The easiest way is to mix them with your soft drinks, cold coffee or smoothie. You can measure them out precisely on your sensitive kitchen scale and add them along with the raw ingredient in your morning muffins. However, remember not to consume them on an empty stomach. Upon ingesting, the effects take between 30 minutes to 90 minutes to begin. Moreover, a lesser amount of CBD will go into your system through direct ingestion as compared to vaping.

How you want to consume CBD will depend on your personal preferences. Some people like to mix it with their food, mainly because it has no additional color, taste or odor. While others prefer to vape it since the effects are much faster and more intense as compared to the impact of ingesting, you can always find out new methods of using CBD crystals, and you can discover more recipes for ingesting them. As long as you know why you are using CBD isolates, any way of consumption you pick should work for you. Choosing a reputed brand can give you close to 99% purity, which is quite rare in the products of many companies. Always vet the brands of CBD products thoroughly before investing your money.

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