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Essential Considerations Before Scheduling a Corporate Chair Massage Event

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If you are planning for a rocking chair massage event for a corporate party, then you need to keep in mind the specifics and logistical solutions that you need. It is all about the schedule, the individual sessions, and the cost of the event. Once you have smoothed out the critical considerations, there is no doubt about the chances of success for the endeavor.

Scheduling is crucial since you might have to manage disgruntled employees if and when they miss out on the massages. If you want to avoid the negative impact on the moral, then gather your resources and schedule the session right. This is also beneficial when deciding on the net expenditure for the massage sessions, the number of massage therapists.
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The following is a guide to chair massage in Boston and how to plan the event perfectly. But, first, let us have a look at some of the common queries that event planners have before planning for a chair massage program for the corporate events.

Query #1

About massage therapists requiring breaks between each chair massage session.

Query #2

The general duration for a corporate chair massage event.

Query #3

The requirement for a sign-up sheet for an event like chair massage.

Query #4

The general protocol followed by similar organizations while scheduling the chair massage therapy sessions.

Now we will try and answer all the common queries in as much detail as possible.

About breaks between each chair massage

The very first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that this is a chair massage therapy, so the time required for sanitization of the sheets, oils, wiping down is minimum. To properly clean the chair and sanitize the essentials, it will only take the expert around 30 seconds, so you should schedule all your massages back to back to avoid wasting on the paid massage time.

About lunch breaks for the massage therapists

This is well and truly dependent on the company policy. In most of the corporate massage events that run for long hours, there is usually a scheduled lunch break for the therapists and the experts. According to our experts, you can follow a general rule of thumb which dictates, for a session of 3 hours and less you do not need to arrange for lunch breaks.

But in case the event runs for more than 6 hours you have to arrange for paid breaks as well as lunch for the therapists. Make sure that the lunch breaks are staggered for different therapists as this will allow employees to access the massage according to their schedule.

About scheduling the chair massage event

There are various scheduling options available to you, and you need to choose one depending on the workforce you can employ and the ease of use. Let us have a look at the various ways of scheduling the chair massage event.

E-signup for the massage sessions

Everything has gone digital in this day and age. So in case you are thinking of scheduling a chair massage event all you need to do is customize a schedule for the massage along with all the specific details for the therapy and post the link to the employees as an e-mail blast or a networking platform.

Make sure that the event has the provision for a reminder through a text message or e-mail on the day of the chair massage. This will ensure that no one misses out on their massage appointments.

Create an official spreadsheet

You can also create a spreadsheet using tools available to you over the internet. You can even leverage Google Sheet to create a massage schedule and timetable. You can send out the link to the employees who can sign up for the event according to their preference. Keep in mind that this is a real-time document, which means you need to monitor it periodically.

Always keep in mind that the spreadsheet or the e-signup option, whichever you go for should also be sent to the massage therapists so that they are aware of the schedule and can plan the therapy sessions accordingly.

It is always first-come-first-serve for chair massage sessions

You can always fall back on the traditional option of the first-come-first-serve option for scheduling of a chair massage session. This will also ensure that there are no disputes over the schedule of individual massage appointment times. Yes, you might have to deal with a queue, but that is okay in such cases.

A paper sign-up during the event

If none of the above is to your liking, then you can go for the paper sign-up during the event or a day prior to the event. It will make sure that there is no crowding as most of the employees will know their respective schedules for the chair massage session. You can manage the calling out of names with proper personnel and communication.

But there is one consideration that you need to keep in mind in this scenario. If you lose the document, then the entire event can go down in chaos. So make sure that duplicate copies of the paper sign-up are there on your desktop/laptop and available as and when the need arises.

Third-party firms managing chair massage sessions

Yes, there are third-party firms and services available to manage the chair massage event for the corporate program you have planned. Many massage services, at least the experienced and popular ones, will offer a coordinator on-site to aid you with the management of the service and the event. It all depends on your budget and the company policy you are planning the event for.

Make sure there is always a lead therapist present at the premises and during the event who is in-charge of the therapists and the chair massage sessions. If you are planning for a chair massage event for your company, then make sure you keep in mind all of the considerations as mentioned above. Have a great event.

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