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Lingerie Fighting Championships 27 Shines Under the Stars

Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (“LFC”) (OTC Pink:BOTY) recently held LFC27: Sexy, Nerdy, Inked & Curvy on Fremont Street in Las Vegas and the event was one of the league’s most successful yet. Friday’s show marked the first time the LFC has held an event outdoors and judging by the standing room only crowd it won’t be the last.


“I wasn’t really sure what to expect,” CEO Shaun Donnelly admits. “When the venue asked how many chairs we needed I joked ‘all of them’ and even that proved to be a severe under-estimate.” All the seats were soon taken and still fans arrived, crowding the Neonopolis courtyard beyond capacity and even lining up on the levels above for a bird’s eye view of the action.


The large crowd was treated to an exceptional show from the first bout to the last. Two-sport lingerie athlete Lauren ‘The Animal’ Fogle got things started as she returned from a football injury that had prevented her from fighting for more than a year. The Philadelphia brawler looked in fine form as she made her way to the cage. Opposing her was newcomer Jesabella ‘Fire Queen’ Marie, a local fighter and artist who has performed fire stunts at Motley Crue and Imagine Dragon concerts. Fogle had something to prove after a disappointing loss her last fight and she proved it early and often, defeating Marie with a triangle choke late in the first round.


The next bout saw Jenevieve ‘The Sorceress’ Hexxx return to the LFC after a long absence, looking more fit than the last time she put on the gloves. The Sedona, AZ native had changed her name for this fight, incurring the wrath of teammate Jolene ‘The Valkyrie’ Hexx. Hexxx was matched against Bella Ink who had impressed in her first fight just one month earlier at LFC26: Booty Camp where she lost to the vastly more experienced Jolene Hexx. This night Ink would overcome a Hexxx, winning by rear naked choke in the 2nd round.


Bout 3 saw Tomiko ‘The Temptress’ Tajima return to the cage (except it was a ring, the first time LFC has held an event in a ring rather than a cage). Like Ink, Tajima had been called up from LFC’s Booty Camp to make her debut at LFC26. And like Ink, Tajima was very impressive in her debut, taking veteran Shelly DaSilva to a judge’s decision that many thought she should have won. Tajima’s opponent this night was Jenny ‘Bloody’ Valentine who was looking to put back to back wins together for the first time in her career. Unfortunately Valentine had come down with the flu and was anything but 100% which seemed to point to Tajima earning her first win. But after three hard fought rounds Tajima’s fate was once again in the hands of the judges and once again they sided against her.


The fourth bout might have been the one fans were most intrigued by as European Champion Jolene ‘The Valkyrie’ Hexx (19-5-1) took on former LFC Champion Monica ‘Flowerbomb’ Garcia (14-4). With a 25lb weight advantage, Garcia was an opponent of the likes Hexx has never faced before and it showed in the first round as Garcia was able to physically dominate Hexx. Between rounds guest coaches Allie Parks (Hexx) and Andreea Vladoi (Garcia) made adjustments and it seemed to favor Hexx as she had a much better showing. And then it went bad. When the horn sounded to end the 2nd round Hexx had Garcia in a choke hold and refused to release it, even with the ref trying to pull her off. Coach Andreea Vladoi, who Hexx has fought 3 times, tried to help. Together they pulled Hexx off only to have her attack Vladoi instead. By this time interim LFC Prez Holly ‘The Lotus’ Mei had entered the ring to disqualify Hexx and was knocked to the ground by the raging Hexx. The fight was called and Garcia was awarded a win by disqualification. A suspension is likely forthcoming for Hexx.


After so much excitement in the previous match it would have been easy for the main event to be overshadowed but Sheila ‘Crash’ Cardinal and Katie ‘The Bombshell’ Forbes made sure that didn’t happen. It was the long-awaited return for Cardinal, the first fighter signed to the LFC outside of North America (she hails from Damascus, Syria). It was the LFC debut for Atlanta native Katie Forbes who came into the fight with a 12-8 record. Cardinal is 9-9 in the LFC. The two put on an incredible show, treating the audience to three rounds of exciting evenly-matched action. When it was all over the judges had as hard a time picking a winner as the audience had picking a favorite. Ultimately Forbes triumphed with a split decision that could have gone either way.


After such an exciting show under the stars it’s no wonder the controversial MMA league was quick to commit to another. LFC28: A Hot Mid-Summer Night’s Dream will go down July 5 and will be outdoors except this time in a cage rather than a ring.

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