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Why is it Important To Wear the Right Bra According To the Correct Size?

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A lot of women are not wearing the right bra size. Issues like dieting, monthly period cycles, water retention and aging in general, it is natural that the bra size of an individual will be naturally changing with time so your bra size from a year before might not necessarily be the same as it is today. Even if you lose 2 kilograms then also your bra size will be affected. In the article, you will learn about why it is necessary for you to wear the right bra size.

In most of the retail shops, you will find a salesperson there to assist you in finding the right bra according to your measurements. You can choose the type of bra you want from the catalog.

How will you know if your present bra is not the proper fit for you?

The back of the bra will rid up. So when the cups are small or if the bad is tight then you will not be able to put a finger under the strap. This will mean that you need to have a larger band. You must have the bra cups completely filled. If the cups are being overflown, then you may need larger cup sizes, and if there are spaces left, then you need to find smaller cups. When the underwire of the bra digs inside the skin then you will need to have larger cup sizes, it can also mean that the side wings in the bra are not big enough.

Proper Measurement of the bra: You will need to have three main measurements: the underbust, the upper bust, and the full bust. In order to get to the underbust, you must measure towards the underside of your bust. When the measurements are done, then you will need to hold your tape securely but not tightly, and for the upper busts, you must measure from above your bust and below your arms. When the difference between the under part and the upper part of the bust is only two inches, then the underbust will be your correct band size. When the difference is over two inches, then you should add about two inches more to the measurement size of the underbust in order to get the right measurement of the band size. In order to measure the full bust, you will have to measure the fullest part of the breast and ensure that the tape has been secured tightly around your back.

The size of your cup will be determined by the full measurement of your bust, i.e., the upper bust. When the differences are less than an inch, then you will be a double A, if it is only 1 inch then you will be an A. 2 inches is B. 3 inch is C and so on.

Different types of bra Styles:

Different styles of bras will have different fittings.You will need to be wary of the convertible bras as they may work a few times, but they might not work specifically for your body. The different types of bras are as follows:

Half cups and demi cups– These bras will cover only about seventy-five percent of your breasts. It will make the cleavage appear bigger and make the profile look smoother.

The halter top bras– These bras will have straps and loops which will go around your neck instead of having ordinary shoulder straps. Such bras will also help in increasing the cleavage, and it can be worn along with your halter tops and those tops which offer a low coverage towards the center.

Backless bras– Some backless brass will only offer the front coverage, especially in those bras where the back is quite low. These bras can be worn with dresses which have low backs or are backless, and they can be worn without the bra being seen.

Strapless bras– These bras do not have any straps. These can cover up to the stomach area also, and some varieties can cover the whole body like a leotard. The long strapless bras will be easy to wear.

Pushup bras– These bras will have extra padding in the cup so that it will provide the illusion of a bigger breast and also increase the appearance of the cleavage. The padding gets made from materials like foam and gel. Gel offers a more natural look. Certain bras will offer removable padding too.

Sports Bra– These bras have been designed in order to minimize the bouncing during any athletic activity. Some companies will offer varieties which would do this by just squishing the breasts; it will be better for you to find out the proper cup sizes and then get fitted as you would do with regular bras. On the long term, it will also help in increasing your comfort.

Nursing Bra– For the total convenience of the nursing mothers, such bras have snaps on either end of the shoulder strap, these can be easily removed by them in order to feed their babies without having to take off the whole bra. Generally, the nursing bras will offer a full-coverage for more added support which a new mother will need.

Thus, you will now be able to order all the delicate apparels you need with renewed confidence. So, next time you want to find the perfect dress for your special occasion, you can be assured that it will look good with your bra. If you want to learn more about bras and bra sizes, then you need to visit where you will get all your queries answered by the most professional experts in the lingerie business.


Wearing the right bra is essential for your looks and your overall health and posture. So make sure that you know your size before purchasing a bra. There are different style and types of bras available today. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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