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How To Deal With Anxiety Attacks

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Life never runs on a smooth track! There are happy and challenging moments. It all depends on the way one responds to it. Most people who have anxiety or get anxiety attacks are not able to cope-up with their stress internally. It results in the person to get into thought loops and a never-ending circle of stress and tension.

Anxiety attacks come suddenly! You can’t be aware of it. Hence, people prone to anxiety attacks are always left vulnerable at the hands of anxiety. It is essential to remedy this situation. Anxiety is never a pleasant sensation to keep feeling for a prolonged time. But that’s not the only reason as to why you should opt-in to heal it. Anxiety messes with your heart health hugely. From diabetes to cardiac arrest, you can get anything if your anxiety levels don’t get monitored well.

Do you want to manage and heal your anxiety attacks? Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Think holistic

Every single emotion reacts to our body! Anxiety attacks can significantly affect heart health. From missing heartbeats to heart failure – anxiety can cause it all. Additionally, it can also lead to increased sugar levels and make your hormones fluctuate. All this end up messing with your digestion, respiratory, nervous and other systems. Hence, when you’ve set out to heal yourself from anxiety attacks, know if you’re already affected in any way. For this, you need to measure the Heart Rate Variability. You can use an ECG device or a heart rate monitor. Today, there are HRV apps to opt-in for as well. To know more on this, you can check out Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

  1. Seek counselling

The majority of anxiety attacks happen because people are not able to confide in anyone! If that’s what you resonate to as well, opt-in for a counselling session. It’s always better to speak to a counsellor or psychologist, than popping in anxiety treatment pills. The counsellor will put you through various treatment processes and help you cope up with your present situation. Most of the times, unrealistic thoughts and ambitions lead to excess stress and anxiety. Other times it could be past trauma, a troubled relationship or professional challenges, that results in anxiety. Be honest with your counsellor and follow the guidelines shared. You will start to see the changes.

  1. Get into meditation and journaling

Both these practices have brought immense benefits to anxiety patients! Meditation helps to calm the mind and ground from within. It helps to relax the body and mind. It makes you believe that there is ample time for you to accomplish your tasks the way you want to. Meditation fills you with a positive mindset and encourages you to lead life, knowing that you’re always supported.

Journaling helps to give expression to your suppressed thoughts. Writing is therapeutic! It heals inner wounds and gives people perspective in their life. Whenever you write about the condition that makes you feel anxious, you feel a little less anxious.

There are several ways in which you can manage anxiety attacks! Coping up is always not easy, but you always have help around you. When you resort to the three processes mentioned above, you can heal your anxiety to a great extent.

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