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The LFC Podcast Episode 1 – Jessie El Toro Santos

A Powerhouse in Lingerie Fighting Championships Who Trains Tirelessly in Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, Its No Secret Jessie El Toro Santos is an imposing force in the LFC. In The Inaugural Edition of The LFC Podcast Jessie El Toro Santos discusses how she got into LFC and how she feels LFC is empowering for women as a whole. Jessie also discusses her memorable bouts against Roxy Roundhouse Michaels at LFC 24 Eurobash in Slovakia and Jessie’s overall experience in Slovakia, Her David Vs Goliath Bout at LFC 25 against Shay The Fox Mazzato Coaching The Pink Team at LFC 26 and her physical exchange with Coach Leon Hater after The Shelly Aphrodite Dasilva- Tomiko The Temptress Tajima Bout. Jessie also discusses her shoot in The LFC Calendar, Training at Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas alongside roxanne modafferi of the UFC, And So Much More in a can’t miss First Episode. Check Out LFC and Jessie El Toro Santos at the following links:


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