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Sponsor Spotlight: Legal HGH Here.com


We want to welcome our newest sponsor to The mSm Family – Legal HGH Here.com.

They are the title sponsor of “Legal HGH Here.com Presents Gregg Valentino Old School Training Talk,” which can be seen weekly on both our MuscleSport TV YouTube channel and this very website.

We’re sure that a lot of you have questions about Somaderm HGH Gel and to be quite honest with you, so do we. Valentino will be giving the product a try and he pulls no punches. So if he does not get a good result from using it, he’ll let us all know.

The bodybuilding/fitness community is far from the only one looking for a safe product that will in fact work at least close to the unsafer alternative. (Let’s admit it, folks. Using injectable growth hormone is not the healthiest thing to do.) Besides, the cost of a single month’s worth of HGH is usually around $1,000.

Taking both of those under consideration, it sill be interesting to see how this goes.

Check out this short podcast with two doctors speak about putting hundreds of their patients on Somaderm with astounding results – https://fccdl.in/Vs9TZuVwjr


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