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Tribulus Terrestris – Explore the Power of the Bindii!

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Nowadays you can notice how many people use products like herbal or dietary supplements.According to the first one, this is very often due to the fact that the plants and herbs have a long history, which indicates many benefits from taking a given product in a specific form.One of such solutions is Bindii plant, better known by us as Tribulus Terrestris– it is worth to take a closer look at how It can benefit us and whether research can confirm that it’s not only placebo effect.

Tribulus Terrestris – what is it actually?

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that grows mainly in Africa, Asia and Europe.For a long time it was believed that in addition to biological properties that support human vitality, Tribulus can also help in such cases as

  • kidney stones
  • high cholesterollevel
  • hypertension

Nowadays, this plant is mainly regarded as a testosterone booster, which is intended to support androgenic system in the case of male hypogonadism (reducing the level of hormones in the production glands).Usually, Tribulus Terrestris extracts can be found as a separate product or as one of the components of the supplement, which is directed to healthy, physically active adults, athletes, and men in general who want to improve their health and well-being.However, despite the fact that many companies promise a lot about the benefits of Tribulus Terrestris, it’s worth taking a close look at what all the published researches say in that matter.

Tribulus Terrestris in clinical studies

Much of the research on Tribulus Terrestris has mainly been done on animals like castrated rats in which an increase in blood testosterone levels of up to 25% has been noticed.In addition, we find research on primates (baboons) or rabbits.In the case of animals, we can see both positive and negative results.

In the case of these few studies that have been done on people, things look a bit different and show quite different results.As Tribulus Terrestris is a product mainly offered for athletes or people who are healthy and physically active, research is the most focused on seeking positive results for such clients.In the case of peopleinterested in bodybuilding, of course, they mainly look for ways to increase the efficiency of their body, i.e. supplements with ergogenic properties, increase body efficiency during training or increase muscle mass.As the development of muscle mass depends partly on the androgenic status, often people interested in such effects are looking for a substance that is able to influence the level of testosterone.However, in the case of a Tribulus Terrestris according to studies, it is clear that we are not sure that the high or low dose of the supplement is able to affect the level of testosterone in the blood after 4 weeks of supplementation.Other studies also take such an attitude and are not able to determine exactly whether Tribulus Terrestris supplementation positively affects the level of testosterone in the blood.

Tribulus Terrestris – side effects

In terms of research on the side effects of the plant, we will only notice tests on mice in which it was possible to find damage to myocardium, liver and kidneys.The only case of acute Tribulus Terrestris poisoning was recorded in a young man who had consumed a high dose of Tribulus Terrestris to prevent the formation of kidney stones.As you can see, the issue of side effects in people still needs more research to be able to determine its complete safety.


Tribulus Terrestris is quite an interesting plant that can have a very special effect on male blood testosterone levels.However, we still need more research to be sure that it can actually work

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