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Megan Rapinoe – US Women’s Soccer National Disgrace

Rick Leventhal/Fox News (Twitter)

We’re going to cut right to the chase and not rehash old news about all of the previous displays of anti-patriotism by Megan Rapinoe, co-captain of the recently victorious United States Women’s National Soccer team at the Women’s World Cup. The assumption is that everyone is well aware of her kneeling and not holding her hand to her heart during the playing of the National Anthem before games and her participation in the ‘dropping the flag’ during a post-game celebration after defeating the Netherlands 2-0 this past Sunday.

Rapinoe’s continued (mis)behavior during today’s ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in New York City is the cherry on top.

While NYPD Officer Lauren Leggio sang the Star Spangled Banner at the steps of City Hall, not only Rapinoe, but also USWNT assistant coach/goalie coach Graeme Abel stood with both hands behind their respective backs.

Although Abel is from Great Britain, he is representing the United States in his position and should have paid the proper respect. (We have reached out to Abel for a comment and will update our readers if and when we receive a reply.)

One would think that a country’s national team would endear themselves to their fans, but this group of women has acted inappropriately since the start of the World Cup tournament. Their 13-0 thrashing of Thailand in the opening round is understood since one of the tie breakers is goals for/goals against. But they celebrated each and every score as if it were a sudden-death game winner for the title, even when the contest was obviously in their favor.

Couple that with Alex Morgan’s ‘tea cup’ celebration after scoring a goal versus England and these women have made themselves difficult to root for in the United States, let alone globally.

Of course, the day would not have been complete without some political pandering by New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio speaking uncomfortably in Spanish and then when it seemed as if he was going to lead the crowd into a chant of “USA, USA,” he exclaimed into the microphone, “USA, equal pay,” echoing a rallying cry by the players that they deserved the same money as their male counterparts. (That’s an discussion for a different day and deserves attention, as well.)

Rapinoe has and will continue to get a free pass in any and all of her protests because she is a lesbian and any criticism of her will be decried with ‘homophobia’ accusations.

Well, MuscleSport Media doesn’t subscribe to the politically correct theory; we are a member of the media that does not shy away from controversy. So we have no problem calling out Rapinoe for being a total disgrace to her country and teammates who chose to properly pay respect during the playing of our national Anthem.

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