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The Benefits of Vaping CBD


Whether you’re a vaper or not, you’re probably curious to learn more about this relatively new trend. Everywhere you look, someone is holding a personal vaporizer, the woman walking next to you is taking vape pen out of her purse and friends are enjoying their coffee with something that looks like a cigarette but doesn’t smell like it.


Just ten years ago, we barely even know that there is a healthy alternative to smoking and now, everyone is a part of this rising trend! What made vaping so popular and should you try it as well? More importantly, why is everyone talking about vaping CBD oils?


Vaping CBD


Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more countries and finally, you can purchase cannabis products in stores. But, the benefits of cannabis will tremendously depend on the way you consume it. Vaping is a way more effective way of consumption than edible capsules or topicals as inhalation actually provides greater bioavailability, which means you can absorb more of cannabis. 


As it’s still a new trend, there needs to be a lot more research on long-term effects of vaping CBD, but it’s considered to be a safer method to consume than smoking. If you don’t prefer smoking or vaping CBD oils, you can simply take it orally and enjoy benefits as well. 


CBD Effects


The most common effects of CBD are relaxation, anxiety relief, pain relief and mood enhancement. If it’s consumed in higher doses, CBD can induce drowsiness or sleepiness. The CBD oils made from hemp usually don’t contain enough THC to produce that “high” feeling, instead, it produces a nice, comforting feeling without the paranoia and anxiety which are the common side effects of marijuana. 


These are the most common effects people experience once they start vaping CBD oil:


  • Relaxation
  • Comfort
  • Pain relief
  • Mood enhancement
  • Reduced anxiety


CBD Benefits


So far, scientists have reported that CBD has numerous benefits when it comes to therapeutic properties. People who are dealing with many health issues can benefit from CBD in many ways. You can inhale it in many different ways, from dry herb vape pen to a regular personal vaporizer.


#1 Epilepsy


People who suffer from epilepsy can reduce the number of seizures by simply consuming CBD in 200-300 mg doses per day. Of course, this needs to be revised by your personal doctor as it’s important that it doesn’t harm your therapy or reduces the effects of your other medications. 


#2 Insomnia


We already mentioned that CBD helps those who have issues with falling asleep, but it also helps with sleep problems and disorders, such as insomnia. As vaping CBD results in minor drowsiness when consumed in higher doses, it can help you fall asleep faster and easier. Moreover, CBD increases seep time if take in a dose of 160 mg.


#3 Anxiety  


There have been several studies that showed CBD can successfully treat anxiety. There are anxiolytic effects of CBD on the brain which can also be used to treat depression. Many researchers believe that CBD has the potential to help with other types of anxiety disorders e.g. OCD and PTSP.


#4 Psychosis 


There have also been studies that suggest that CBD could ease the symptoms associated with psychosis. It can even help healthy individuals as it reduces psychotic symptoms. There is also research that proved that CBD can be an effective and safe alternative treatment method for schizophrenia. 


There are many other health issues and conditions that CBD can significantly help with:


  • Heart disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Side effects of chemotherapy 
  • Anti-oxidative and neuroprotective effects 
  • Anti-inflammatory effects


Final Thoughts


All in all, vaping CBD oils can bring you many health benefits, whether you’re perfectly healthy or you struggle with some of the above-mentioned health issues. Just make sure you do your research and find the best vaping products to completely enjoy your vaping experience!


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