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What Herbs Can You Smoke or Vaporize?


It’s not a secret that body builders work hard but they put their bodies through a lot. From the constant eating to the constant heavy loads they put their muscles under. This is why many of them are known to use cannabis. It not only relaxes them after a long hard workout but it can even repair the body.


Weed vaporizers are typically used to vaporize marijuana and most users will use their vape for that purpose alone. However, the fact that your device is built to handle dry herbs means that there are plenty of other herbal substances out there that you could vaporize besides marijuana, which is especially beneficial for users who want to experience the many health benefits that other herbs have to offer.


Unfortunately, some people competing in certain tournaments get drug tested and marijuana in your system means you can get disqualified. If you are interested in trying out your vape out with different herbs, here is a breakdown of some of the herbs often enjoyed by vape enthusiasts.

What Are Smokable Herbs?

Smokable herbs are simply herbs that can be heated up so that the natural ingredients can enter the body and take effect. The most common smokable herbs that we think about are marijuana and tobacco but there are many other herbs out there that have recreational or medicinal applications that can also benefit users who choose to smoke them (or in this case, vape them).

What Herbs Can You Smoke?

Before you try to throw herbs into your vaporizer, however, it’s important to note that not all herbs are safe to vape and that you shouldn’t experiment with any herb before doing the proper research. To get you started, here is a list of safe herbs to vape that you may want to try with your own vaporizer.


If you’re a regular smoker, vaping tobacco can be a much healthier alternative as you avoid the dangerous impact that cigarette or tobacco smoke can have on you. Although there are no medical benefits, vaping tobacco can be a great way to help users wean themselves off of the herb or can serve as a smoking alternative.


Skullcap is an herb that smells similar to cannabis and has similar medical benefits (without the high). Skullcap is well known for its sedative properties, which can be helpful for those who are dealing with problems such as anxiety, insomnia, or varying levels of pain. It has also been to be beneficial for the immune system and great for other issues such as hypertension and intestinal inflammation.


Besides smelling and tasting great, mint has several uses that may pique the interest of certain vape users. This highly-enjoyable herb has been said to relieve allergies, calm symptoms of asthma, and reduce nausea.


Smoking can be relatively harmful to the lungs and can be somewhat purposeless when it comes to some herbs, especially Mullein. However, vaping mullein will allow you to unlock its lung-clearing potential and it is also said to calm you down and cause relaxation.


Typically associated with haunted houses and spirituality, sage may or may not be helpful in clearing out spirits but it is said to be quite helpful in clearing out the lungs, sinuses, and throat. It may also help boost relaxation and improve memory.


Another herb that is known for its highly relaxing properties, mugwort is an herb that has been used for centuries and has varying uses. However, those who suffer from intestinal issues may receive the most help from vaping mugwort.


Belonging to the daisy family, coltsfoot is one of the herbs on here that a lot of vape enthusiasts would enjoy vaping as there is a sweet taste and aroma associated with the flower. Coltsfoot is highly effective in treating respiratory issues and inflammation.


One of the few on this list with a bit of a psychoactive kick, damiana is an herb that is said to be very enjoyable to smoke as it is said to lift the spirit, help with sexual dysfunction, and heal the nervous system.


When one thinks of relaxation, lavender is one of the first herbs that people think about and this is certainly true when it comes to vaping. It tastes great, smells better, and heals the body with its calming effects and antibacterial properties.


Also known as Bearberry for its popularity among bears, uva-ursi is an herb that falls under the category of promoting relaxation while easing pain and detoxifying the body. Unlike many other herbs, however, uva-ursi is a great addition to any herb mixture as it smells and tastes great.



As you can see from the above, there are far more herbs out there that you can vape than marijuana. If you plan on experimenting with your dry herb vape, use this guide as a reference to help before you get started.

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