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Kenny Stills Jr. – Boycott the Dolphins, Too


Message to Kenny Stills, Jr. – you want to really make an impact with your stance against Stephen Ross holding a fundraiser for President Donald Trump, tell your supporters to not only boycott his other businesses, but the one that you are employed thereat. Why should Equinox and Soul Cycle be the piñatas that began from your now-infamous tweet? The perfect way for you to show your true colors is by putting your money where your mouth is!

Ross, a billionaire real estate developer who resides in New York, has been under intense scrutiny from the left/mainstream media (basically one in the same) since one of his employees – Stills – posted the following on Twitter:

Stills has been one of the more outspoken NFL players about the protest that was started by Colin Kaepernick and is now doing more than needling the guy who signs his large paychecks; he’s outright challenging him on R.I.S.E. (Ross Initiative in Sports For Equality), which Ross launched in 2015. That speaks for itself and should show the likes of Stills that it is a loyal commitment to improve race relations long before they were eroded even further by the National Anthem kneeling protests.

Once Stills’s tweet went viral, social media was abuzz with boycott hashtags for Ross’s financial interests from The Related Companies, which he founded in 1972 and is the parent company for a number of others with household names, more specifically Equinox Gyms and Soul Cycle – both of the high end variety.

So instead of going after companies that are merely branches of Ross’s net worth, why not aim for the tree trunk and boycott the Miami Dolphins (which Ross owns 95 percent of) and R.I.S.E.?


The question was of the rhetorical variety and we’ll be happy to fill in the blanks; Stills and the other players who are protesting Trump (let’s just come right out and state the obvious; the kneeling was against the police and their interactions with black people, but was exasperated when the president spoke out against it) would be hit in the wallets. And while R.I.S.E. is a non-profit organization, its beneficiaries are black people for the majority.

So this boils down to – once again – race.

The ESPNs of the world are going to avoid making bold statements like this, but we relish the opportunity to do so. And our argument/point is certainly a valid one. If Ross is to be ‘punished’ for his association with Trump, then hit him where it hurts most… regardless of the ricochets.


NOTE: For those of you wondering what exactly is the backstory of that photo of Kenny Stills Jr., it was posted on Twitter back in 2012 while he was at the University of Oklahoma. Beyond that, we have no explanation why he chose to wear a “sparkly purple dress,” (as Yahoo sports stated at the time), allow himself to be photographed in it and then have it posted on social media for the entire world to see. One can make their own conclusions about that. 


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