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Regardless of the Type of Pain There is Always Some Chiropractic Cure For It


The traditional medical treatment does not have any long term solution in pain management because it depends on drugs that have harmful side effects. But chiropractic care assures complete pain relief free from side effects. If you are in two minds about the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for pain relief, then some numbers could help you to take a quick decision. Every year 22 million Americans visit chiropractors, and it is proof enough about the effectiveness of chiropractic care. Although chiropractors can treat all kinds of body pain, the majority of patients seek relief from back pain that affects a large section of the population. Whatever might be the cause of pain from injuries, accidents, muscle strains, diseases like arthritis and migraine, Dr You Chiropractor Miami can assure pain relief in the long term. Neck, pain, back pain, pain in the arms and legs as well as headaches are all treatable with chiropractic care.

What is pain?

No one likes to feel pain, but it is essential because it is one of the essential communication tools of the body. When anything goes wrong in your body, it expresses in the form of pain and draws your attention to it. When you feel the heat from a hot stove, you feel the pain that cautions you to remove the hand immediately. However, pain is never welcome because it creates an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience. There may be numerous causes for the pain, and people respond to it in various ways. The experience of pain depends on how much people can tolerate it. When some people become incapacitated by pain, some other people experiencing the same kind of pain might find better ways of coping with it. Although the experience of pain varies among people, it is possible to categorize pain into different types.

 Acute pain and chronic pain

By broad classification, there are two types of pain – severe pain and chronic pain. Severe pain happens suddenly with deep impact and lasts briefly. It happens due to damage to tissue such as muscle, bone, or organs, and people might experience stress, anxiety, and emotional distress when the pain sets in. On the other hand, chronic pain not only lasts longer but mostly resistant to medical treatment. It is often associated with long term illness like fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and often the pain becomes the defining characteristic of the disease. In most cases, nerve damage causes chronic pain, and it can even happen from damaged tissue.

Both chronic and acute pain can be debilitating that can affect a person’s state of mind. But chronic pain that keeps persisting and becomes almost constant can affect people psychologically, especially those who are more susceptible and drive them towards anxiety and depression. The psychological set back can, in turn, increase the pain.

Nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain

Besides classifying pain by its duration, there are some other ways of categorizing pain by understanding its cause like pain from tissue damage (nociceptive pain) and pain from nerve damage (neuropathic pain).  Pain that results from psychological factors comes under the category of psychogenic pain. Psychogenic pain often has its roots either in nerve damage or tissue damage. The pain can aggravate and even prolong due to factors such as stress, anxiety, fear, and depression. Sometimes, pain can originate from psychological conditions too.

Pain classification by the part of the body affected by pain and the type of tissue involved is also prevalent like people say joint pain, muscular pain, back pain, neck pain, and so on. Certain types of pain translate into syndromes. For example, myofascial pain syndrome that manifests in the form of fibromyalgia refers to pain triggered by points located in the body muscles.

Pain caused by nerve damage

Nerves are like electrical cables that transmit signals to and from the brain, including pain signals. When nerves get damaged, it disrupts the process of signal transmission and causes abnormal pain signals. For example, people experience burning sensation even in the absence of heat in the pain area. Diabetes and some other disease can cause nerve damage, and it can even happen due to trauma as well as some medicines used in chemotherapy.  Stroke and HIV infection also damage nerves. The pain from nerve damage could be the result of damage to the central nervous system, including the brain. It can also result from damage to peripheral nerves responsible for sending a signal to the central nervous system.

Pain caused by tissue damage

Tissue damage is the cause of most pain conditions that stem from an injury to the tissues of the body. The injury can be to the organs, bone, and soft tissue that can even happen from some disease like cancer. Pain can also occur from broken bone or cut. The pain can manifest in many ways – it can be a throbbing pain, stabbing pain, or an ache, and it can either be intermittent or may persist. Such pain can become more intense during movement, and even when you breathe. Most sports injuries, like turf toe or a sprained ankle, are the result of soft tissue injury, which can often be acute. Soft tissue damage can cause chronic pain like chronic headaches and arthritis. Medical radiological treatments like radiation in cancer treatment can cause tissue damage and pain.

Pain relief through body manipulation

Chiropractors are experts in musculoskeletal manipulation known as chiropractic adjustments. They can address various issues related to pain from muscles, connective tissues like cartilage, joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments. They use their hands to put pressure on various parts of the body to realign the distorted parts so that the pain goes away. Once aligned again, the multiple parts of the body work in perfect harmony to create a feeling of well being as the pain goes away.

Chiropractic care is special because it brings a feeling of wellness along with driving away pain that allows people to lead a healthy life once again. Chiropractors invoke the self-healing powers of the body to cure pain, which relies on the adjustments of the spine, which they believe is the source of good health.

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