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Sad Reacts Only: Do You Have the “Smartphone Face?”


Reducing smartphone use is perhaps the last thing on your mind when it comes to your beauty regimen. But apparently, you should consider including it, if you want to avoid sagging, unhealthy skin. You don’t want to get what doctors call the “smartphone face.”

Smartphone Face… What?

Unfortunately, it’s not just aging or the sun that could cause the lines and creases on the skin. You can very well have it if you spend too much time on your phone. No, it’s not so much on the radiation coming from the device. It’s due to the poor posture you have while scrolling through your friend’s profile. The nonstop downward gaze causes the neck muscles to get shortened. The gravitational pull on the skin becomes stronger. As a result of this pulling down, stretching action, the collagen, which firms up the skin, weakens. The skin sags, and the creases near the nose appear. The vertical lines from the lips to the chin becomes visible. You might even notice a double chin and loose jowls. These are the very eyesores that you do not want on your skin.

The good news is that you can avoid the smartphone face. Start by changing your posture. Avoid looking down on your device. Hold it up in such a way that your chin becomes parallel to the ground. You can also use a wear-around phone holder with a bracket that you can put around your neck. It will be very useful for your Netflix binges. The best prevention game plan, of course, is still to reduce smartphone use. Be sensitive to the number of hours you’re spending on it. You may find it useful to install apps that monitor and limit screen time.

Saving Face

In case you’re already starting to see the symptoms of the smartphone face, don’t worry, there are lots of ways to “save face.” In terms of natural treatments, you can go for face yoga or facial exercises. These help firm up the muscles and therefore banish the sagging. But you might have to do a lot of this for a long time before seeing a considerable difference.

Moving on to medical treatments, according to practitioners in Salt Lake City, Botox can help remove fine lines as it paralyzes the muscles. There are no significant risks with this type of treatment. But it’s important to discuss with your doctor what you should and shouldn’t do before and after the procedure. There will also be a bit of bruising or swelling on the area where you have gotten injected. But that should clear up after a few days.

There’s also the option of radiofrequency. This treatment tightens the skin by heating up tissue and stimulating collagen. It’s painless, and the duration is also quick. You’re done in about 20 to 40 minutes. The results, however, will show after six to 12 sessions.

Your beautiful face isn’t just up against the sun or gravity or aging. Your smartphone may be the culprit behind the fine lines, too. If you can’t put down your phone for your friends, at least do it for

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