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The Rock Bodybuilding Promoter Tease

Brian Landis

Not to throw cold water on the bodybuilding fans’ wet dream, but all we have to do is look at recent history to get back to reality when it comes to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and The Iron Game. In case anyone has chosen to conveniently forget, the former WWE superstar made an announcement at the 2016 Olympia that his media company – Seven Bucks Productions – was going to put the following year’s event on network mainstream television, more specifically CBS.

The audience in attendance went ballistic and social media was abuzz with excitement about the sport finally getting some legitimate attention outside of its niche crowd. 2017 would be the year that bodybuilding was put back on the map and a Hollywood icon would lead the charge, right?

Much like the discarded project between the NBC Sports Network and American Media, Inc. when the 2014 Olympia was scheduled to be televised in the form of two 90-minute documentary-style programs approximately one month after the big weekend in Las Vegas, The Rock’s promise, too, fell flat of expectations; all that was to show from hours of video footage were a few short YouTube promos and not a minute of television air time.


MuscleSport Media reached out to NBC, CBS and Seven Bucks Productions (at each respective time) without receiving a response.

With the 2019 Olympia Weekend less than a month away, talk of Johnson promoting his own IFBB Pro League show (reported by MuscleSport Magazine columnist Nick Miller of “Nick’s Strength and Power”) with a possible working title of The Rock Games, take place during the summer of 2020 in Atlanta and have purses with more prize money than the Olympia – with equal amounts for both the men’s and women’s divisions – all is red meat for the bodybuilding base that was spiced up with huge corporate mainstream sports sponsors allegedly on board in the form of Under Armour and Ford Motor Company.


Miller spoke about Johnson allegedly making an attempt to purchase the Olympia from AMI and once that did not occur, he decided to run his own show to rival and possibly surpass what is known as the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding.’ The IFBB Pro League was not happy with AMI and the Olympia, according to Miller, and that was also a reason for Johnson to put this together.

Quickly to dispel any rumors, IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion was quoted in a Q&A posted on NPC News Online that the federation’s “relationship with AMI is stronger than its ever been” and that the Olympia “is and will continue to be the (the IFBB Pro League’s) most prestigious event.” Manion did leave the door cracked open a bit, however, by adding that the IFBB Pro League is “always working to bring new promoters and more fans into the sport to keep up” with their growth.

Johnson may in fact have all of the pieces in place, but we have heard that before…

‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’


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