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If you have been living the nightmare of hair fall and dream of having thicker hair, then you should consider Hair Transplant Toronto. Once you’ve finally decided to get a consultation for it, here are a set of essential questions that you should ask your surgeon which will help you make an informed decision.


Am I a suitable candidate?

Though everyone irrespective of age is interested in permanent, surgical hair restoration not everyone is suitable for it. Suitability depends upon various factors like age, type of hair loss and progression, overall health condition and how much donor hair you have. If there aren’t a lot of living hair follicles which can be harvested and redistributed, then the procedure will not deliver satisfying results.

What is the experience and qualification of the surgeon?

With the advancement in modern technology, automated devices have come up that help to expedite hair transplants. These devices are used as a part of a comprehensive, expert and personalized play, to get the desired results. Donor hair selection, extraction and precise implantation affect the outcome.

Though it might sound very simple, what differentiates a flawless result for an obvious one is the training and experience of the surgeon. Skilled technicians will create a personalized plan for you which gives great results.

How to prepare for the surgery?

Just like any invasive procedure, you would need to avoid certain supplements and medications. The surgeon will let you know what to stop taking and when and you would be asked to avoid hair styling products days before your procedure. After the procedure, there may be temporary swelling on the forehead.

What to expect during the procedure?

A large number of grafts are transferred in FUE with the procedure lasting for 6 to 8 hours.  Your scalp is numb through the process. While the procedure is on you would be reclined in your suite listening to music or napping.

For how long do you need to take an off?

Though five days are enough, taking two weeks off is ideal as it gives time to the residual swelling, surgical site redness and mild scabbing to settle down. You would be advised against strenuous activities for a few weeks.

Could you review before and after pictures?

These pictures help to get an idea of the consistency of the results.

Would a different procedure be more suitable?

Strip Method (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the most common methods. Generally, people opt for FUE as tiny grafts are removed and the scarring is almost invisible. In FUT, high yields of follicles are used and it is useful for those with significant balding. Perhaps you may even look into Allurium Beauty.

When would the results be visible?

It takes almost 12 months to see final results as the new strands grow in.

Is one more procedure needed?

Though the transplant is permanent, the native hair might continue to thin. In such a situation your surgeon would create a sustainable plan for hair loss.

Can you explore more options?

SMP (hair tattoos) is an alternative which creates a fresh buzzed look, giving an impression of short shaved hair.

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