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Mouth to Lung vs. Direct Lung Vaping

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Vaping is gaining popularity, especially among smokers who are trying to quit. The problem, however, is that vaping seems complicated to beginners, from understanding products such as a vape pen to learning how to vape. It is vital to understand the different techniques of vaping before delving into this practice.

The most common methods of vaping are mouth to lung vaping (MTL) and direct lung (DL) vaping. 

Mouth to Lung Vaping


Mouth to Lung vaping involves drawing vapor inside the mouth, letting it stay for a while, and then inhaling it into the lungs. The similarity of this technique to cigarette smoking makes it suitable for beginners.

Additionally, mouth to lung vaping produces a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette. As compared to direct lung vaping, this method generates a gentler burning sensation in the smoker’s throat. 


If you want to enjoy an e-cig without drawing attention, mouth to lung vaping is the ideal technique. The low cloud production of MTL vaping makes it easier to vape in crowded areas or any other location where vapor clouds are likely to cause a nuisance.

The vaping industry has a variety of e-cigs that come in different flavors. MTL vaping allows you to savor the flavors as the vapor lingers in your mouth before inhalation. It is also simpler to regulate the intake of intake when administering mouth to lung hits.


The Benefits of Mouth to Lung Vaping


  1. MTL vaping kits typically use low battery devices, which means that they produce a more refreshing vape than DL vaping kits.


  1. The sensation generated by MTL vaping is smooth, making it ideal for beginners. Its similarity to standard cigarettes makes this technique suitable for people transitioning from smoking. 


  1. In MTL, the vapor settles in the mouth for a while before inhalation. This allows the smoker to enjoy the tasty flavors of the e-cig juices.


  1. The MTL technique consumes e-juices at a slower rate than DL vaping. 


Direct Lung Vaping


Direct lung vaping involves inhaling the e-cig vapor straight into the lungs.  The experience is similar to regular breathing. This techniques suits experienced vapers and offer more stimulation than MTL vaping.

As mentioned above, DL vaping is much more satisfying than MTL vaping. It produces a sharp burning sensation that often deters beginners. However, the sensitivity to the thick cloud of vapor reduces after a while. 

You must have suitable e-cigs to perform DL vaping. The majority of the options in the market are made for MTL vaping. That said, the growing popularity of DL vaping is inspiring manufacturers to make specialized e-cigs.

Another factor to consider before going into DL vaping is the juice in your e-cig. The concentration of nicotine should be at most 3 mg (ideally, it should be a nicotine-free). A high level of nicotine in your e-cig causes coughing, nausea, and overall discomfort if you opt for DL vaping.  

The Benefits of Direct Lung Vaping


  1. A direct lung hit is more stimulating than MTL vaping.
  2. DL vaping produces more significant clouds, which satisfies some smokers.


MTL Vaping vs. DL Vaping – Which is Better?


There is no clear winner between these two techniques – it all depends on your preferences. MTL is suitable for those who want to enjoy a smooth sensation and tasty flavors, whereas DL vaping is ideal for those who wish to achieve instant stimulation and vape tricks.

The popularity of vaping looks set to increase, especially now that vapes are available at affordable prices. 



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