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Significance Of Rationalizing Large Household Items For Home Care Recipient

Home care does not necessarily mean providing care services to the older people who are sick or need an assistant to do their daily jobs such as walking bathing and taking medicines. Home care also involves those older people who are fit enough to do heir jobs on their own, albeit with the natural limitation of age in them.

Most of the older adults at home tend to do so many things themselves not just to utilize their time more productively but also to show that they can live independently.

  • What they do not understand is that in the process they make things difficult for the others who need to perform the same task later.
  • On the other hand, they even exert themselves and put them at the risk of injuries and accidents as well.

For example, when they do laundry on their own, they may face difficulty while handling the bottle of liquid detergent, or even make errors in manipulating the washing machine. As a loving child you may think about resolving such issues and surf through different channels on the internet to look for detergents that are easy to use and packaged individually in dissolvable packets.

You may think that this is the ideal solution for the situation and help your loved one to do the laundry more easily. However, assuming that older people are often sick and frail, even such solutions may not prove to be a good decision in the end. What can be is hiring a professional home care agency for that matter.

Downsizing the things

However, before you hire a home care agency such as MyAllAmericanCare, there are a few essential things to assess, know and implement. Since hiring such an agency heeds a lot of money, every month, you may think of some other way to allow the older members of your family to do their job on their own, or with the help of a caregiver as well.

One such important thing to consider is downsizing. This will enable both the home care recipient as well as the care giver more comfortable and convenient working with each other.

Downsizing in the simple and literal sense means making items smaller. In your house you will see that there is a large number of items that you can literally downsize to make it more manageable and convenient to handle. For example, you can:

  • Buy detergent, orange juice, milk and other items that are good to store in a refrigerator in smaller containers.
  • If you cannot find them in ready to use smaller containers you can use smaller re-sealable containers and fill them with the necessary things from larger containers.

This will not only make it easy to use but will also eliminate the chances of any wastage due to spills, over pouring and other issues.

Make sure that you downsize anything and everything that you possibly can. Pantry and refrigerator are two important things that comes next in your list of downsizing. For this you will have to:

  • Repackage things to make it more convenient to use
  • Relocate the heavier and awkward items
  • Make every other thing in the kitchen more easily accessible.

All these in short and in the best way make life easier for the older members in your family and at the same time make them feel independent. This ideally, as the experts say, is the key to happy aging and staying active in the latter part of the life.

  • Ideally, the job of a caregiver is to make the life of the patient easier for them. This is the basic part of their duty and responsibility. This will ensure that the patient gain the best of experience.
  • It is important for a caregiver to remember that they should be incessantly observant and be well aware of the fact that the experience that are shared between the patient and a caregiver is continuously changing.

Therefore, when you hire a care giving service for the elderlies in your home, make sure that they have enough experience of all these and has had handled people like your parents before.

About the transition

Old age is the only transition in life that no humans love. There are lots of issues faced during this period right involving:

  • Physical and medical conditions
  • Mental attachments
  • Relationships with others in the family, especially with the members of the third generation
  • Constant fear of being left alone and neglected
  • Feeling of the loss of independence
  • Risks of injuries, accidents and especially falls and much more.

However, just as any other, this transition cannot be avoided. In addition to that, it takes good enough time to get used to with this transition and like most of the things in life, adjusting to these changes can take a little in getting used to it.

The same principle applies to caregiving around-the-clock. The caregivers may take days, weeks and even months to understand a patient and adjust to their liking while being constantly in the home. Yes, they will have to adjust to their liking and not their own. This requires a lot of:

  • Honesty
  • Compatibility
  • Communication and

All this will take the caregiver, the patient as well as the care service a long way. You should start slowly and start with basic and part-time care. This will eventually and essentially ease the transition.

Follow the principles

If you want to hire a live-in caregiver, then there are a few things that you should remember and consider apart from the federal regulations. These are:

  • The caregiver must be provided with a separate room even if that needs some renovations or rearrangements in your home and
  • You will also need to give them an 8-hour sleeping break.

However, if the caregiver is scheduled to come for 8 to 12-hour shifts, then you need not make any sleeping arrangements as the aide is supposed to stay awake throughout the shift. Last but not least, you will need to make your home easy to navigate for the convenience of the caregiver and the patient.

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