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Olympia / Traci Lynn Cowan / Anthony Tumminello / mSm Iron Maidens – MSTV

MSTV is our flagship weekly variety program which features what we like to call our ‘host of hosts.’ Segments include:

*Interview with NPC figure competitor/fitness celebrity Traci Lynn Cowan by mSm Iron Maiden Kim “Fit Ass” Haynes at the 2019 Olympia Expo. THX AGAIN TO TITAN MEDICAL CENTER FOR BEING THE TITLE SPONSOR OF OUR OLYMPIA COVERAGE. 

*Interview with Anthony Tumminello at the Jackhammer Productions MMA event in NY on 9/8/19.

*Interview with mSm Iron Maidens Michelle and Lauren at our new issue release party at Pro Fit Deer Park on 8/20/19.

*Week 1 TRT update – Men’s Health of Smithtown.

*Short clip by Omega Order 66.

*Music video by Brandon Kent, aka “Vegetable Soup.”

Season 3, Episode 26

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