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Online Casinos Cheats: Is There A Way?

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Funny isn’t it? That basic human imperative to cheat that we can see in so many things, from football to GCSE exams, all the way through to supposedly loving relationships. It is something that is especially prevalent in sports or games, basically anywhere there is a competitive edge.


Stick a monetary prize over this competitive edge and things get really tantalizing, so no wonder casinos have such a cheating problem across all of their many games, which would not be an issue with agen bola You may ask why these places have quite so many CCTV cameras dotted around, well there’s your answer – cheating. Historically people have used a multitude of methods to try and beat the system, but now in the online age it has got even more difficult. But here’s the thing; is there a way to cheat at online casino? Personally find out as you click to play here!

Slot Machines: Land-based vs. Online Cheating  

Back in the day many criminal gamblers would head straight to the slot machines if they fancied a spot of cheating, and this is because the technology was not good enough to stop even the simplest of cheat methods. Many people, for instance, would simply poke a string through a coin and use that repeatedly, or even change the reel combinations with incredibly strong magnets, which is not the case with other machines such as situs poker online.


Gone are those days, however, and with the majority of slot machine action now coming online, cheats have had to wizen up significantly. Really, is there a way to cheat on online slots? Well, it depends what your idea of cheating really is. Many gamblers resort to counting the number of spins between each win and deducing an average from that which they then use to place bets with more assurance. But you cannot really call that cheating.


It is basically down to ex-developers or incredibly savvy mathematicians to do this. At the base of every online slot is an RNG (Random Number Generator), and this in the most part dictates how the reels will stop each time. Now, if you have the knowledge you could quite conceivably hack into this system, and therefore make the reels stop exactly where you want them too. It is difficult no doubt, but there have been stories of people doing this before – just don’t get caught like they did. 

Live Casino Cheats 

Unless you are incredibly well versed in computers, computer code, and extensive gambling mathematics you can all but wave goodbye to your chances of cheating anywhere on online casino. If you cannot hack it you are pretty much stuck, such is the nature of software gaming. However, online casino does not just encompass the faceless computer games like the online slots, live casino online is also rather popular, and here there are actual humans involved.


So, naturally it follows that if you can somehow get someone on the inside as a dealer, or cut some kind of deal with an existing one, you could end up being able to successfully cheat at something like live Blackjack. Word of warning here though, you are unlikely to find many online dealers willing to jeopardise their future to help you cheat, but you never know.


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