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Choosing the Best Clothing When Going Hunting

If you are planning your next hunting trip then you will likely be going through your wardrobe looking at the hunting gear you have and thinking about what you might need to upgrade over the coming months. For every hunter there are a number of essential items that one must have to stay safe, warm and focused while on the hunt.  These top clothing tips will ensure that you are fully prepared for your next outing.

Top Layer

Depending on the season, and the terrain in which your next hunting trip will be taking place, there are a number of different choices to make regarding your top layer of clothing. The most common type of top layer that people buy for hunting trips is camouflage. This helps hunters to blend in with natural surroundings and stalk their prey successfully. Depending on the type of terrain you hunt in there are different patterns, colors and types of camouflage that you can buy.

Other than the patterns and color you will want to consider the thickness of your top layer. For winter hunting you are likely to want a thick top layer but one that is made of soft materials to prevent rusting and making noise when you move. Another suggestion would be to use only the best deer blinds while waiting for an opportunity.

Base Layer

The base layer can be one of the most important layers to help you regulate your body temperature and stay warm in the cold. There are many different types of base layer that are made from different materials but one of the best is called Merino wool.

Merino wool base layers are made to be worn next to the skin and have some very interesting properties that make them ideal for use in hunting and other sports. They have antimicrobial properties which means that they are fantastic at absorbing odours that are produced by bacteria.

Merino wool base layers can be worn for a number of days and still not produce any nasty smells that other items of clothing might. SKRE Mountain Gear sell a range of Merino Wool base layer products that include camouflage versions.


If you are going to be walking any kind of distance on your next hunting trip then ensuring you have the right pair of walking boots is essential. Choosing the right walking boots can be difficult because they take time to break in. They will likely feel quite different after a few months of use compared to when you tried them on in the shop. That being said, doing your research beforehand will help you to pick out some in the shop to try on rather than going in not knowing what you need.

Much like with top layers, and with base layers, walking boots come in different shapes, sizes and are made from different materials. Ideally you want boots that are waterproof but that are also breathable. You can also buy special sprays to treat boots after you have bought them to extend their life and make them even more water resistant.

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