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Jalen Ramsey – Typical Selfish NFL Player

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Jalen Ramsey’s turbulent season is not even a month old and he has already worn out his welcome not only in Jacksonville, but with the cognizant fans around the league, as well. The two-time Pro Bowl cornerback acted completely inappropriate on the sidelines in a Week 2 loss, screaming in head coach Doug Marrone’s face and had to be restrained by his teammates.

Since then, he requested to be traded, played poorly the following game, claimed illness and then an injury to sit out two practice days then was “excused indefinitely” due to the birth of his second child.

Ramsey is far from alone in this new trend of NFL players acting selfishly and then pouting until they get their way. Need a few examples? How about Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and Minkah Fitzpatrick? Throw in Jadeveon Clowney for good measure and shame on the Dallas Cowboys for caving in to Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout. Melvin Gordon is another one holding out while his teammates go out there and play their asses off week-after-week.

Welcome to the new NFL, where the animals run the zoo.

Marrone should have immediately suspended and fined Ramsey after his temper tantrum in front of all the television cameras. Does anyone think that Bill Parcells would have made jokes and excuses about something like that to reporters like a sheepish Marrone did?

Gone are the days where players left it all out on the field and respected their organization, teammates, coaches and fans. It’s all about the money and holdouts to force trades or contract extensions – regardless if they are in a great place to begin with. Bell held out for an entire season in 2018 and left $18 million of the Pittsburgh Steelers (one of the best organizations in all of sports to play for) money on the table to sign a multi-year deal with the New York Jets )one of the worst).

Brown played the same game at the end of last season that Ramsey is currently doing because he had a falling out with Steelers perennial Pro Bowl and Super Bowl-winning quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and forced a trade to the Oakland Raiders, a team not predicted to do much of anything. But he screwed that up, too, and was eventually cut and signed with the league’s flagship franchise, the New England Patriots. That, too, ended quickly and in disappointment due to numerous sexual abuse allegations against Brown; owner Robert Kraft wanted no part of that circus.


It’s hard to root for players who act in this fashion and it seems that reports of NFL players being arrested is as common as them scoring a touchdown or making an interception. They have become a national disgrace amongst their brethren in other sports and everyone – from commissioner Roger Goodell on down – is responsible.

These players have been allowed to do whatever they damn well please without fear of repercussion and that has resulted in a large contingent of fans turning away from the game they once loved.

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