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How to Recover After High-Intensity Exercise

Having an appropriate exercise recovery is so important in making the most out of your workout. A good routine for this helps your training become more effective. This repair can help with strength building and repair of tissues. For full recovery of a muscle, 24 to 48 hours are needed. This is why it is important to alternate your workout with different muscle groups being worked out.


A lot of fluid is lost during a workout, therefore replenishing electrolytes after a workout is so important. Sports drinks like Halo Sport can provide the appropriate nutrients for full-recovery without overloading your body with unnecessary amounts of sugar. They also support the various functions in the body.


Exercise depletes the energy stored in your body. Eat within the first 60 minutes after your workout. This food should contain both high-quality carbohydrates and protein. This is important for your body to refuel and to help repair from the stress of the workout.


It takes time to recover and heal after doing an intense workout. Your body is great at recovering itself given time. It is important to rest after a workout and give it that time.


Stretching is a very good idea to do after a hard workout. The stretching needs to be gentle and is a good way for muscles to heal themselves.


After a workout, doing some sort of gentle movement helps with circulation. It helps transport both nutrients and waste products throughout the body. This movement can be things such as bike riding or walking fast. The theory behind this is it helps with the repair of muscles and helps to refuel faster.


A massage is a great way to improve the circulation of the body. It also feels wonderful. You can get a full body massage from a licensed massage therapist, or a self-massage can be done using a foam roller. This helps with loosening up tight muscles and getting rid of the pain of that tightness. Doing it yourself is also highly cost-effective.


There are several forms of ice massage that also promote recovery. One would be the use of ice baths or ice massages. The idea is that it helps reduce the inflammation caused by the workout. The other type is called contrast water therapy. With this, while taking a shower after a workout, alternate the water temperature with two minutes of hot and then follow with 30 seconds of cold. This needs to be repeated four times where moderate temperature is used in between each round. This can also be done in a hot tub and regular tub if you have those available. The theory is by dilating and constricting the blood vessels, this promotes the flushing out of any waste products and speeds up recovery.


Getting adequate sleep helps your body repair and function better. While a person sleeps, the body produces growth hormone. This hormone plays an important part in tissue repair as well as growth.


Practicing visualization can help an athlete in creating a more clear and healthy attitude. It helps with the reduction of anxiety. This practice has been known to fuel recovery for both the body and the mind. Using this during your recovery days can be extremely beneficial.


Avoid working out too hard in the first place. If you engage in excessive exercise at every session and do not take the time to recover, then you limit the gains you can expect and also negatively affect your recovery.


Overall, taking steps for an appropriate recovery is important in your fitness and health goals. Make some of the suggestions part of your daily workout routine for maximum benefit.

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