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Jeremy Banks Tennessee Player Perfect Fit For NFL


Under lawful arrest, seated handcuffed in the back seat of a patrol car and making threats against police officers, Jeremy Banks is way ahead of the game to be a perfect fit for the National Football League. The University of Tennessee sophomore will be eligible for the 2020 NFL Draft and will fit right in with the rest of the criminals currently playing in the league. Video footage of his September 15 arrest was released by the University of Tennessee Police Department showing his blatant disrespect and pseudo threats to attempt to intimidate a female civilian police intern by stating, “Where I’m from, we shoot at cops.”

Speaking in a barely-distinguishable tongue that is a distorted mixture of slang, street terms, ‘gangsta,’ ebonics and English, Banks rambles on for over an hour while wearing his dreadlocks in a ponytail and flashing his gold ‘grill’ teeth. The 6’1″, 211-pound linebacker/running back is seen and heard singing and challenging the arresting officers that he could have escaped if he chose to.

“I should’ve ran, test y’all’s speed,” Banks said. “Y’all would’ve never catch me. That’s what I should’ve did. Next time, I am, I promise you. Never again y’all boys will take me to jail. Not UT police.”

He also asked, “What you would do without that badge?”


To make matters worse, Banks was placed under arrest because he had an outstanding warrant for not appearing in a court on August 21 from an arrest for driving with a suspended license. He was pulled over in the more recent incident for making an illegal U-turn, once again driving without a license.

He further made sexual overtures towards the female intern by asking her, “Miss Blondie. You don’t like black boys? You don’t like black men? ‘Cause a white man can’t handle y’all like a black can.”

Jeremy Pruitt, head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers football team, released a statement that included:

“Jeremy’s behavior and comments are unacceptable and portrayed himself and our football program very poorly and he understands that. We will address the matter internally. I’m determined to do what I can to help Jeremy grow up and become a better man. Our team and staff respect our law enforcement and we will continue to educate our players on how to carry themselves at all times.”

Nary a mention of a suspension from the team nor a word from the Athletic Director or school itself if any disciplinary action will be taken against Banks.

MuscleSport Media reached out via telephone to Chris from the University of Tennessee’s Office of Communications, as well as Amy, one of their news directors, for any information regarding said disciplinary action. The latter took down our contact info and that she would “get this to the right person.”

We did receive the following response from the school and replied back asking for anything further regarding disciplinary action:

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