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Girl Jilling in Shower / Hot Chiro Receptionist – MSR Promo 10/7/19


A trio of live guests joined us on the 10/7/19 episode of “Hot Stuff Nutritionals Presents MuscleSport Radio.” First, GabGizmo checked in from the waiting room of her chiropractor’s office and we inquired if she would enjoy some private time with the hot receptionist. Then King Jared jumped on and was plugging both mSm and Blackstone Labs. And finally Crystal “Wildfire” Anthony – who had informed us via comment that she was going to jump in the shower – joined in strategically covering her humongous boobs and informed us that she did in fact masturbate with Joey the Showerhead… which we found out is really a two-in-one (akin to a double dong), so one has now been christened Rich for her cool husband.
Watch the replay for the next 24 hours on Instagram and we will also get the archive up on YouTube and the mSm website.
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