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Introducing IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Anthony Dellaventura

MuscleSport Media would like to introduce our readers to a good friend, Anthony Dellaventura, who recently earned his IFBB pro card in bodybuilding. We will be doing a series of articles on him and some will be a look back on how he got here, while others will be following his progress and career now that he is a professional. 

We’ll let Dellaventura, 42 speak for himself and here are some of his comments on how he hit the 2019 NPC North American Championships and walked away with a pro card.

“I competed as a heavyweight at the NPC Jersey State Championships to qualify for the North American,” he said with a sheepish grin,  “and turned pro in two divisions – winning both the Masters 35-and-up, as well as the Masters 40-and-up.”
“I worked with Chris Tuttle for this prep and we really dialed it in,” he continued. “We decided to drop down to light heavyweight division for the North American and I was blessed to win the overall in the 40-and-up and won the 35 light heavyweight class and placed fourth overall to earn a pro card there, as well. It’s still not really registering; it’s very surreal.”
“I own a personal training company in North Jersey and took some time off from competing between my work schedule and some nagging injuries and to come back after a three-year layoff and turn pro was absolutely amazing,” Dellaventura commented.
“So I’m taking a nice long break since I was in prep for almost 24 weeks to nail this show,” he remarked. “Chris and I clicked and I’m excited for this offseason. I plan to bring my quads and back up and give the 212 a shot for my first pro show. Really no timeline on it, but given I’m 42 and came in the best shape I ever have in my life, I think it would be a good marketing move for my business to try and step on stage and see if I can hang with these guys as a 42-year-old rookie. I have no doubt I’d do well in the masters division but with a productive offseason under Chris’s guidance, I’m going to really focus on making this happen.
“Obviously only time will tell if I can hang with these guys but I’m going to really dial this in,” Dellaventura concluded.


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