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How Does Ice Therapy Work To Relieve Joint Pain

Are you still feeling pains on your joint after taking your prescribed painkillers?  Is the sharp pain in your joints stopping you from going to work? Have you lost your appetite and mood because of the persistent back pain? Should this be the case, then I would recommend you try out a therapeutic ice machine.

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For decades, therapeutic ice machines have helped in the reduction and prevention of pain through various mechanisms that drugs couldn’t have managed.

Here are some of the ways ice therapy can help in reducing your pains.

  1. Numbing of nerve endings

You’ve probably tried using painkiller, but nothing seems to work out for you. Maybe it’s now time you try out therapeutic ice treatment.

But how exactly does ice therapy work? Ice cold water reduces the sensitivity of your nerve ending, which tremendously slows down the pain transmitted to your brain, thus causing you to feel less pain in the injured area.

  1. Slowing of cellular metabolism

Cellular metabolism is a set of chemical processes that take place in the body’s cells to promote life.

Therapeutic cold treatment slows down the activities of the overall cell in the body. As a result, the transmission of pain receptor cells from the nerves to the brain is slowed down, making you feel little or no pain at all.

  1. Anti-inflammation effects.

It helps in decreasing the blood pressure through its vasodilatation effects on the blood vessels, thus reducing the pain felt on injured areas.

Additionally, it provides active compression on the injured area that helps in the lymphatic drainage, thus reducing the swells in the injured area. As a result of this process, the tissue fluid in the injured area is significantly reduced, causing less pain.

  1. Activate acupuncture points and trigger points

Therapeutic cold treatment machines help in the activation of your muscle acupuncture points and trigger points in a non-invasive manner. As a result, you experience musculoskeletal pain relief.

Frequently asked questions about ice-cold therapy

  1. Does ice therapy helps in reducing swelling?

Yes. We have traditionally applied external pressure on injured areas to help in the prevention and reduction of swelling. In particular, you have occasionally used the static compression bandages on your injured area for this purpose.

However, bandages are attributed to numerous effects like itching, redness of the skin, rashes, giant hives, or even stinking of the skin.

But with the active compression provided by an ice therapy machine, this side effects remains a fairy tale. Get yourself an ice therapy machine now, and stop worrying about the itching and the stinking skin.

  1. How does ice therapy help in the prevention of edema?

Edema is the continued build-up of excess fluids in an injured area. Excess in fluids on the injured area prolongs the recovery process.

Ice therapy helps in building an active compression that continually applies pressure and discards excess fluid from the injured area, thus preventing edema.

  1. Does ice therapy machine promote fluid circulation?

Oxygenated blood and nutrients are required by the damaged cells to aid in the healing process. Active compression caused by cold therapy helps in the efficient circulation of cellular debris, lymph fluids, and other unwanted fluids away from injury, while simultaneously supply nutrients and fresh oxygen that aid in the recovery process.

  1. What are the benefits of ice therapy machine over static compression bandages?

Therapeutic cold machines have numerous benefits over bandages has it does not cause your injured area to stink; neither does it have an itching effect caused by bandages.

To learn more on the benefits of therapeutic cold treatment follow the link below.

5. Is there any difference between ice therapy machine and ice bags?

In as much as both function by providing active compression on the injured area, the therapeutic cold machine is different from ice bags because it continuously circulates cold water through its ice reservoir. This enables the temperature applied to the injured area to remain consistent throughout the therapy session, unlike ice bags that melts out after few minutes.

With the cold therapeutic machine, you are guaranteed a faster healing process.

6. Can I become sick or catch a cold from a cold therapeutic machine?

No- In fact, the body responds to the cold treatment by raising its temperature temporarily.  The cellular regeneration process created by cold therapy can assist the body in recovering from illness.

7. Can I work out before the therapeutic cold treatment?

Yes. It highly recommended doing an exercise one or two hours before the cold therapy because you can get great joint and muscle recovery due to the anti-inflammatory benefits of the therapeutic cold treatment.

8. Can I work out or exercise after the therapeutic cold treatment?

Yes. Working out after the therapy can help you with higher pain tolerance, more energy, great flexibility, and general body fitness.

To learn the best exercises for your joint pains click here.

9. Will I be able to withstand the cool temperature of the therapeutic cold treatment?

Most of the cold therapeutic cold machines use cold nitrogen gas to supply the injured area with freezing temperatures continually. Cooled nitrogen gas usually is dehydrated, making the cold feeling bearable.

Furthermore, the temperatures of the therapeutic cold machines are adjustable, so this shouldn’t be much of a worry to you. You can always adjust the temperature to your preference.

For machines that use water, shouldn’t either cause problems because the cold water supplied to the injured area can never freeze the skin or soften your body tissues.

10. How often can I get the therapeutic cold treatment?

For the best result, it is highly recommended that you use the therapeutic cold machine at least thrice a day, in the morning, afternoon, and at night for 1hour. For those with heavy training or rehabilitation, you can use the machine as often as you like.

Also, you can always use the cold therapeutic machine whenever you feel pain in your hands, legs, or joints.

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