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Support For Aubrey Huff

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The Twitterverse went into the stratosphere of triggered leftists holding their breath and stomping their feet while their brethren on the right enjoyed a laugh and came to the defense of one Aubrey Huff, the former Major League Baseball player who posted the following:

The 13-year veteran – who is a two-time World Series champion and also won a Silver Slugger Award in 2008 – is a strong supporter of our president (EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s ludicrous that even needs to be stated and not a given, but that has become the political divide our country is nowadays and has been for a decade-plus), as well as the Second Amendment – two topics that the left argues about continuously.

Huff doubled down on his post by replying to numerous comments criticizing him, quite refreshing in a time where public figures walk back statements to please those who claim to be ‘offended’ by them. And we say – it’s about fuckin’ time!

How many professional athletes and celebrities have made public statements via social media or interviews AGAINST President Donald Trump? Did anyone give them flak for doing so? Of course not, because there is a double standard protecting them.


Much of the criticism was pointed at Huff’s two sons, 11 and nine years of age, being allowed to shoot his firearms at a range. The former infielder/outfielder/designated hitter countered by posting that he was teaching his sons “how to safely handle and shoot a gun at a legal gun range.” But looking at the state of affairs in socialist countries around the world, perhaps knowing a thing or two about self defense isn’t the worst thing in the world for folks – young and old – to be familiar with. And considering that our neighbors to the south have allowed their country to basically be a lawless nation rife with organized crime drug cartels killing police, military and civilians at will while the new Mexican president has adopted a policy of “hugs, not bullets” to ‘combat’ this savagery, it has become a whole new world that we as a nation need to cognizant of.

Bernie Sanders, the Democrat presidential candidate who Huff mentioned in his post, is a self-proclaimed “Democrat Socialist” and has been a frequent Trump critic regarding the southern border wall, immigration and criminal justice reform; he basically wants to undo all of the success and precautions that Trump has been able to accomplish with one hand tied behind his back politically.

Huff’s opinion is shared by many – this writer included – and he is fully entitled to it. Just because one does not agree with it doesn’t mean that they have pull out the race card, as this Twitter user did:


Groups such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter receive carte’ blanche treatment in the street and media alike, while someone wearing a red MAGA hat can get assaulted and there’s nary a whisper. Huff has nothing to prove to anyone and doesn’t need to kiss ass, either. He is an outspoken individual and just because he is white and conservative doesn’t mean that he should be treated differently than Colin Kaepernick or LeBron James speaking from the other side of the aisle.


13 seasons/.278/242 home runs/904 RBI/360 doubles

Two-time World Series Champion – San Francisco Giants (2010, 2012)

Silver Slugger Award (DH) – Baltimore Orioles (2008)


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