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Determining What To Get When Doing MMA Gear Shopping

Have you just started MMA training? Now you must, and should be looking for what to buy to begin this new chapter of life. First of all, it is going to be great, just hold on to things! Now, in this article, you are going to find the answers. All your worries to find the appropriate and necessary gear end now. However, the choice will vary from person to person. When buying the gear make sure it is super comfortable, exactly your size, and quality. Don’t try to save money, cheap gear might cost you the most in the long run. Elsewise buys whatever you like and want.


MMA Gloves

Hands are the most prized assets in MMA so taking special care of them is very important. There is no second opinion, in this case, MMA gloves are a must for every fighter whether you are doing sparring, training, having a friendly match or a professional one. If your gym or trainer allows you to train without gloves, take off from there and find a proper one. The fitting should be exactly your size. Go for MMA gloves rather than any other.


MMA T-Shirts

You might have even seen MMA artists training without T-shirts, it depends on your gym and trainer if they allow. As MMA does not have or require you to wear any uniform, which is one of the best things about it, just T-shirts would do the job. MMA T-shirts over regular ones have some advantages like durability, breathability, quality, comfort, and performance as they are made especially for athletes to train and be comfortable. So, we prefer you should choose MMA T-shirts over normal ones.


MMA Shorts

Of course, when we are talking about MMA T-shirts, the topic cannot be completed without shorts. For the agility you need or want in MMA, MMA shorts are what you should go for instead of cargo or sleeping shorts. As there are thousands of different qualities and verities, make sure your shorts are breathable, flexible, dual stitching, and have extra grip. These qualities offer better performance, and comfort you need during the training or matches.


MMA Rash Guards

The rash guard in MMA is not compulsory but significant. Even if they are not compulsory the benefits, they bring with them are enough to wear them. You can wear it under your T-shirt or just forget the T-shirt and wear these. In the beginning, you might feel restricted but that discomfort is worth enduring. Muscle compression, wicking away moisture better and efficiently, mat burns prevention, doesn’t let the bacteria spread, thermal coverage, protection from rashes and chaffing are few major benefits of MMA rash guards. So, we would recommend you to wear these, however, it is you who has to face everything so you have to make the choice.


MMA Shin Guards

If you doubt on MMA for not being a painful or such sport that could make your shin bone hurt, then just take our word for it and accept it is. Have you ever been to an MMA gym or see people train? No, but you must have seen the UFC fights. So, couldn’t you see the pain? On TV it might not seem much but it is. Just don’t make the mistake of ignoring the importance of MMA guards and in this case the shin guard. Again, get a perfect size, make sure it has proper padding, grip and go for the quality.


MMA Head Guard

Headgear is not allowed in professional fights or tournaments, in MMA, but make sure to wear it during your training and sparring sessions. You would not want to get your head injured before any fight and thus this will keep you in top shape. Just be sure to buy the headgear which has proper padding, fits just perfectly, covers sensitive areas properly, and is not blocking the vision. Rest assured you will be fine. Note, this is to reduce the impact not nullify it.


MMA Bags

Your shopping for MMA gear is not complete without the MMA bag. It is also called a kit, so say whatever you like but be sure to get one as you would have to carry your gear to the gym. Wearing it at home and then going to the gym just doesn’t seem right, does it? Get the one which can carry all your items i.e. gloves, headgear, clothing, guards, trainers, water bottle and anything else if you want to carry.



While buying gear and clothing for MMA these points or tips should be kept in mind. Not just keep it in mind but buy the gear accordingly. Quality is always a priority, not the price. No, we are not saying to buy the most expensive gear in the market just go for quality instead of price. There are a variety of colors and styles available, select and buy your favorite so you don’t hate what you bought. Looks are important but not more than quality and performance.

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