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What Are The Key Steps To Pick The Right MMA Gear?

Ready to buy some MMA gear? If you have chosen to train for MMA and ready to buy the gear necessary then you most probably know what to buy. But there are few key things you have to take into account while buying the gear. Whether you are a beginner or pro these simple tips will let you find the right MMA gear which will protect and keep you relaxed while wearing it.

Note, that great coach when gives you great training combined with your effort and practice makes the best martial artists. Gear does matter a lot but one’s skills as an MMA artist are not due to the gear. However, choosing and wearing the right gear can give you little advantage and that is all winning requires in the MMA. Keep following things in mind while buying your MMA gear.


Not feeling comfortable now? Don’t assume you will get use to it later because you will not. During training, matches, and rest of the time, you would be wearing this MMA gear so make sure it is super comfortable. Don’t just feel and focus on comfort and forget to get the right size.


Focus on the quality, not the money. For instance, saving money by buying cheap gloves is tempting, but when your hands get hurt because of the cheap quality it would be too late. Good quality gear will stand in touch against the impacts and play a vital role in protecting you.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive gear either, price is just a thing that brands want for their product and not a measure of how good it actually is. To know if the quality checks if the gear has proper padding, padding in the right places, it covers the sensitive parts, does not restrict your movements.

Get specific

Make reading the description or care tag of the product a habit. It tells a lot about the product and gives you a hint of whether you will be comfortable with it or not. If the tag states too much detail on how to take care of the product then it is most probably not worth it. Above all, you will start to really know the difference between products prized differently and whether it will be worth paying the extra cost.

Safety and Protection

All the gear is for your protection so buy the right one. When choosing your MMA gloves, select the one with multi-layering and good quality gel foam or gel. Better the quality of these better the gloves are. Along with these things the glove should also be lightweight for better and long-lasting performance.

Next up is, Groin’s protection no room for negligence here. Make sure the groin protector does not move during training or competing or it can hurt you bad instead of protection. Some compression shorts comes with athletic cup built-in. Talking about shorts; breathable, flexible, dual stitching and extra grip are few features that make it better.

How can we forget the shirts now? MMA T-shirts are better than regular ones because they offer better breathability, quality, comfort, and performance, durability and they are made for MMA athletes. So, just go for those. a rash guard is not compulsory but is beneficial. They offer benefits like muscle compression, sweat-wicking, protection from mat burns prevention, rashes, and chaffing, thermal coverage and more.

The goal of protective gear is to keep you as safe from the damage and injury as possible. So, better your gear safer you are. However, remember it does not ensure complete protection but reduces the impact a lot.

Invest in the basics

Buying the safety and sparring gear is a priority and should be number one on your list. MMA training can be done in normal clothing but the gear has to be high quality and specialized for MMA. Go for the gear that is made to cater to the demands and needs of MMA training.

Replacing the gear

All training gear has an age limit, after that time you should replace your gear before realizing you should have replaced it ages ago. Now, this is also dependent on your usage and caring for them. Maintaining the gear will make it last longer and perform better. Usually, the gloves should be replaced in about 8 months, hand wraps after 6 months while you can go a full year with headgear. Here are some other signs you should take note of; when bad smells persist, furring starts, elasticity is lost, and the top layer start peeling. Replace your MMA gear as soon as you can if these symptoms show up.

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