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Can You Build Muscle Like an NFL Player?

Bill Menzel

Take a look at what NFL players do. You can learn a lot from the lifting and training that the top professional athletes do every day.

How Much Muscle Do They Need to Gain?

The first point to consider is how much muscle a new football player needs to gain. Rock Gullickson was the Head of Strength and Conditioning for the Los Angeles Rams and the University of Tennessee. He said that wide receivers and defensive backs tend to gain 15lbs of muscles in their first couple of years as a pro.

A study in 2013 showed how the size and body shape of players has changed over the years. At the time, the average weight for cornerbacks was 193 pounds, while offensive guards weighed in at an average of 315lbs.

What Exercises Do They Carry Out?

NFL pros tend to carry out a huge variety of different exercises. Squats, bench pressing, and overhead jerks are some of the exercises that are most commonly seen being done by these players.

Of course, each player will work out according to the position that they play in. For example, a quarterback needs strong arms and a high degree of flexibility. This means that they will focus on exercises such as dumbbell presses, dumbbell rows, and lunge rotational twists.

On the other hand, a kicker will need to focus on different areas of the body, such as their legs and their core muscles. They might carry out a lot of routines involving the half kneeling chop, single leg bridge, and half roller balance challenge.

Are bigger, strong players likely to be more successful? It is certainly a factor to take into account. If you plan to bet on the NFL future odds then a look at the physical characteristics of the team can give you some important insights into the possible outcome.

Getting the Right Food

The right food is vital for any athlete that wants to build as much muscle as these guys need. NFL pros need to eat a lot of quality food regularly to build up their bodies. The top team carefully monitor their intake and control what they eat.

Some sources talk about eating 25 grams of protein every three hours, which usually means six times a day.  Eggs, chicken, turkey, and lean red meat are some of the main types of food that they consume every day.

A pro player may decide to hire a personal chef or nutritionist. Tobias Dorzon is one person who understands both sides of the story. He played as a running back for the Tennessee Titans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before becoming an executive chef with a focus on creating food for athletes.

Can Anyone Do This?

You might wonder whether anyone can pile on as much muscle as an NFL player. The truth is that genetics play a part too. Many of the top pros have enviable genetics that let them add muscle to their bodies fairly easily.

Yet, this isn’t always the case. Some players find it tougher to add muscle than others do. These people need to work harder than the rest, doing more exercises and being more careful about what they eat.

If you are in the same position then don’t give up. Getting a powerful body like an NFL player isn’t easy for anyone. But if you are dedicated and go about it in the right way then it isn’t impossible to do.

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