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6 Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist

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A dermatologist specializes in hair, skin, and nail health. Though there are ample reasons to visit a dermatologist, but not all skin issues can be solved. Available treatments for skin conditions such as cellulite, large pores, and stretch marks can make them a little better yet do not treat them completely. Thus, it is vital to have realistic expectations.

Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist

A dermatologist plays a pivotal part to educate, screen, and treat different skin issues. A San Diego dermatologist can help you treat the following skin conditions.

  1. Acne- In case of acne, not responding through OTC treatment will need a consultation with the dermatologist. A dermatologist will help in determining the type of prescription treatment that will be most effective in treating acne.


  1. Skin Cancer- It is a dermatologist that can screen one for skin cancer. Communicate with the family dermatologist or doctor regarding how often you need to get checked for changes in your skin. A body check annually is especially crucial especially if one falls under the high-risk group, is light-eyed, fair-haired, or have blistering sunburns history. As per a dermatologist, detecting skin cancer at an early stage through routine skin examinations indeed is crucial for that successful treatment.


Along with regular screenings, one must also consult a dermatologist the moment they see in any change in the size, color, or shape of their moles. It is a dermatologist that can help in removing all or some of those suspicious tissues and examine the same under the microscope for keeping track of cancerous cells. They also check people that are under treatment for other cancers or experiencing some form of side effects on their skin because of medication.


  1. Eczema- It is a chronic skin condition that is characterized by flaky skin patches, itchiness, and irritation. A dermatologist can assist in finding ways for managing eczema and prescribing the necessary solution.


  1. Skin Damage- For all those who are concerned regarding caring for their aging skin or minimizing skin damage, a good dermatologist will help them recommend lifestyle changes or products which will help in reducing their exposure to damaging components.


  1. Specialized Nails, Hair, and Skin Care- One can consult a dermatologist about any concerns that they have regarding just any condition which affects their appearance. Skin conditions, for instance, vary from psoriasis to stretch marks, warts to discolorations, and more, and these all can get treated through the help of the dermatologist.


  1. Scar Treatment- A certified dermatologist can provide various skin treatments to augment the appearance of any scar for that matter, including keloid scars and acne scars. A dermatologist is likely to refer a patient to a good plastic surgeon for improved treatment of severe scars like scars due to burns.

These are some of the most common reasons to see a dermatologist. Remember, they do not provide treatment for any and every problem but only on specific problems. So consult a dermatologist accordingly. Most importantly, conduct thorough research beforehand for best results.

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