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4 Tips to Learning How to Rollerblade


Rollerblading is a fun-filled activity that allows you to move from one place to another on wheels. It’s very similar to skating on snow. The only difference is that you use your upper body to maintain balance and you do not need to skate on a bed of ice to be successful. If you are good with rollerblades, you will be able to roll on sidewalks and various types of pavement. In fact, it’s a good way of burning extra calories and pass the time. On the other hand, you can’t wake up one day and start gliding on rollerblades without practicing first. There are many people that own rollerblades but they don’t know how to use them. You must first learn how to go about using them to avoid falling and getting injured. Here is a list of tips that can help you become a professional rollerblade skater in no time at all.


  1. Wear Protective Gear


Attempting to glide on rollerblades without wearing any protection is a huge mistake. This is because you can bump on something or lose balance and injure your head. Such injuries can earn you a ticket to the emergency room. For the sake of remaining safe, it’s recommended that you wear a helmet at all times. The helmet is designed to absorb the impact that’s normally directed towards your skill during a crush. That’s why it’s padded on the interior. Besides that, it comes with a strap that helps in preventing it from coming off due to impact. It’s also important you wear pads around the elbows and knees. These pads help in protecting the major joints that are likely to be affected in case you fall.


  1. Wear Rollerblades


You can’t aspire to become a pro glider without first investing in a pair of rollerblades. Since buying them for the first time can be tricky, you should visit a review site such as to get recommendations on the best rollerblades. They actually come in various sizes and designs. Regardless of that, the right blades should feel light on your feet and be durable. When shopping for rollerblades, you should select those that are neither too tight nor too loose. If they are tight, they will cause your feet to start aching due to the discomfort. On the other hand, the loosely fitting increases your chances of falling due to wobbling.


  1. Practice Balancing


It takes time to master the art of balancing. Once you have worn the rollerblades, you should not stand up the usual way because the wheels will make you slip and fall. Spread your hands apart the same way you do when doing push-ups. While doing this, your legs should also be wide apart to increase the center of gravity. In fact, you should practice balancing on a ground that has grass because it reduces the chances of falling. You should also practice near a wall or some rails so that you can support yourself and avoid falling.

  1. Start Moving Slowly


When starting to move around, you should ensure that your toes pint in the direction you want to go. You should also take small movements as they help you get used to rolling. Simply raise your right leg and drop it ahead of the left leg. You should also try bending your knees and positioning your upper body to ensure you are able to move steadily. Once you have perfected the first steps, you should move your feet by dragging them outwards simultaneously. For best results, you should glide for short distances in the first few days and advance later after mastering the skills.

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