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Russian Bodybuilder To Wed Sex Doll


“Don’t knock it until you try it.” A very appropriate saying in the case of Yuri Tolochko planning to marry his sex doll Margo, with the date yet to be set. The Russian bodybuilder/actor is either pulling off an elongated stunt or is completely out of his mind.

With one movie on his IMDb page, Tolochko is billed as a ‘bodybuilder,’ but there were no results after an attempt to ascertain what his credentials are in that area.

Whatever he may actually be, the Kazakhstan native has gone about this ‘stunt’ with a facade of legitimacy. According to Tolochko, he ‘met’ Margo at a bar, she is employed as a waitress, they do have quarrels like any other couple, and he took her to a doctor for cosmetic surgery after she developed a complex from negative comments posted about her online. So she had some work done and, according to Tolochko, she is now prettier than she was before.

Margo even has her own Instagram page, which has nearly 70,000 followers.

Tolochko may end up having the last laugh, however, by not only getting his 15 minutes of fame with global coverage of this story, but also to promote his and Margo’s appearance on “Comedy Club” on Russian television.

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