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Is the Bowflex Max Trainer Still Worth Buying in 2020?

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The Bowflex Max Trainer is an intuitive and simple fitness machine that you can use to build stronger lungs and heart, as well as burn a higher level of calories in a shorter duration. Moreover, it also helps you keep burning calories even after you have stopped exercising plus improve your stamina and endurance. Thanks to its unique motion that leads to practically zero impact, you get to receive one of the most effective full whole-body training in not more than 14 minutes. However, as this machine has been around for a while now, is it still worth buying in 2020? This is a question most you might be asking yourself, and in this article, you will be taken through five reasons why the Bowflex Max Trainer is still a worthwhile investment in 2020.

Zero impact on your body

The Bowflex Max Trainer, as reported by FlexMasterGeneral, has zero impact on your knees. This machine can do this by always maintaining contact with you throughout the entire duration as you train. Thus, your joints are not susceptible to impacts that can eventually result in injuries as well as wear and tear. Furthermore, you also experience less pain when using the Bowflex Max Trainer, so it significantly helps you achieve better results and be more consistent.

Helps you enhance your intensity

When exercising with this machine, you usually realize zero impact, and this is vital as it helps you put in more energy into your training session. Therefore, you no longer waste energy whenever you are dealing with an impact and instead redirect the saved energy to enhance your performance. Moreover, this workout equipment allows you to put in higher intensity because you experience no discomfort, thereby helping improve your fitness level even further.

It incorporates preset programs 

Integrated into the Bowflex Max Trainer are preset programs that are meant to challenge your body further to avoid stagnated progress and help you prevent training boredom. Some of these preset programs include Smart Interval, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Steady State, Fitness Test, Stairs, Calorie Goal, and Max Interval. Additionally, there also are numerous preset programs that are designed to meet your specific needs regardless of your desired fitness objectives.

 Full Upper Body Training 

A significant downside of most fitness equipment sold on the market nowadays is that they do not provide you with any upper body stimulation. However, this is not the case with the Bowflex Max Trainer because it guarantees both your arms and lower body are getting enough exercise. Therefore, with this equipment, you get to effectively workout both these areas hence allowing you to burn fat and build strength.

Heart Rate Tracking features 

Whenever you are training, you should always track your heart rate. Doing this is crucial as it helps you know whether you are attaining your anticipated energy system as well as know how hard you are exercising. The Bowflex Max Trainer provides you with all this information as it comes with a wireless chest strap or a contact pulse grip system if you do not prefer the latter. Thus, you will always know your heart rate while exercising, thereby assist you in attaining your workout goals.

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