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Will Spring Football Finally Succeed With the XFL’s Rebirth?

The XFL will return on Saturday, February 8 after a nearly two-decade hiatus. The league has plenty of excitement surrounding it with the hope that spring football will finally be a success. Football fans are already debating which teams will win the 2020 XFL Championship. Fans can visit NJ Casino to get the latest bet bonuses and tips before wagering on each week of XFL gridiron action.

The renegade league which was founded by WWE owner Vince McMahon, is taking XFL 2.0 far more seriously than the original incarnation. McMahon has employees with football knowledge rather than his inner circle of wrestling men to make the XFL an NFL alternative that American fans will follow religiously. All signs point towards success as kick off nears.

Learning from the AAF

Twelve months ago, there was a fear that the football market in the United States and Canada would be saturated. After the NFL season had finished, the Alliance of American Football kicked off with respectable ratings. The ratings were sustained but the AAF lasted just a few weeks following the start of its season. The league’s finances were quickly in disarray and bankruptcy was filed in April of last year.

The XFL has what seems like a bottomless pit of money thanks to McMahon, but the wrestling promotor mogul knows when to spend and when to pull the purse strings tight. The XFL has learned from the AAF’s demise and from its own 2001 season.

Allowing the AAF to kick off first, and ultimately go bankrupt, has given McMahon and company the chance to sort out sponsorships and a host of partnerships that will make the league more appealing. The XFL will be an exciting league thanks to its set of rules, players hungry for success, and sports betting that will take place on the games.

Distinguishing the XFL brand

In 2001, the XFL was just a quirky football league started by a wrestling promoter seeking to step out of his comfort zone. The modern XFL feels very different and could be the first-ever spring football league to succeed.

The league’s rules seem to be innovative and will change what has been the traditional way football is played. The sports world has accepted the rules of football simply based on the NFL’s procedures for decades. The XFL will attempt to separate itself with its own rules, which could alter the way football is played.

Around 24 changes to the “traditional” rules of football have been made. Some of the rules are designed to reduce injuries, such as the new kick off in which the kicking team and return team are set up just five yards apart and play cannot start until the returnee has the ball. It should make for an exciting debut in February but fans will need to get used to the way the league plays.

In 2001, the XFL simply tried to be an NFL alternative with a minor league product. The league had been rushed to market and the brain trust was not “football people”. Now, the XFL looks like it could disrupt football and become a hot ticket for the spring time.

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