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Infamous Intox IG Live – Spin the Chaos Nutrition Bottle – Ladies Only

Join us tonight at 9PM Pacific time at the Luxe City Center Hotel second floor bar (around the corner from the Convention Center) for one of our infamous intox Instagram Live broadcasts. We will be playing SPIN THE CHAOS NUTRITION BOTTLE – LADIES ONLY.

LUXE CITY CENTER HOTEL – 1020 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, (213) 748-1291

If you are attending the LA Fit Expo that kicks off the industry’s yearly calendar, be sure to stop by the CHAOS NUTRITION booth #1623 and take photos with the Women of Chaos AND the mSm Iron Maidens.

The hours of the expo are as follows:

*SUNDAY, JANUARY 25 –  10AM to 5PM


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