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Will David Beckham’s Miami Soccer Team Turn the City in Fans?

The city of Miami has long been a destination that North America’s Major League Soccer has eyed. It is believed that Miami’s Hispanic community and attraction as a vacation spot for people from all over the globe would make it a great soccer town. Those are reasons MLS will welcome Miami into the league this season as the expansion Inter Miami CF begin play. Soccer fans can follow MLS all season long and soccer-betting gives punters the chance to get bet bonuses and tips for every round.

The franchise is owned by an investment group headed by former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and LA Galaxy superstar David Beckham. The Englishman joined MLS’s LA Galaxy in 2007 and as part of his contract was given the right to own an expansion franchise in the future if he wished.

Beckham took the league up on the clause in his contract and after much work, officially announced MLS’s worst kept secret of Miami being an expansion city in 2018. Now, after nearly two years of preparing for their debut season, Inter Miami will begin play with high expectations.

Inter Miami are not the first franchise MLS has had in the city. The Miami Fusion joined MLS during the league’s salad days of the late 1990s when no one in the United States – soccer fans or not – cared about the fledgling league. The Fusion were a financial blackhole that existed for just four seasons before MLS contracted the franchise along with fellow Florida club Tampa Mutiny.

The Fusion’s financial problems and lack of fan interest were partly down to playing home games in Fort Lauderdale, which is nearly an hour’s drive north of Miami. Interestingly, Inter Miami will play games at the same stadium – Lockhart Stadium – and hope that fans come out while their venue – Miami Freedom Park – is built.

Inter Miami are scouting players from all over the world with some big superstar names such as Barcelona’s Luis Suarez and Manchester City’s David Silva linked to join the club in the summer of 2020. The ownership group’s deep pockets make Inter Miami a possible destination for top-notch players, although MLS’s restrictive salary cap means they won’t be able to go crazy spending cash.

It hasn’t all been smoothing sailing for Inter Miami and its owners. There were plenty of Miami citizens against the team building a new stadium with so many programs within the city receiving a lack of funding. There has also been a legal battle between Inter Miami and Italian team Inter Milan due to the use of the name ‘Inter’. On the face of it, the two names, Inter Miami and Inter Milan, look very similar at first glance, which can certainly cause confusion in the marketplace.

The case over the use of the ‘Inter’ trademark is ongoing, but on the face off it, the Miami franchise look likely to win. The big question is, however, will Inter Miami win on the pitch? As with all MLS expansion teams, it is difficult to predict just how the season will pan out. The franchise was started from scratch and the playing squad is still being assembled. But if there is one thing every fan knows about MLS; it is anything can happen during the season.

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