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Your Guide To a Lip Lift

We all know that a smile can brighten up even a stranger’s day and we all want to have a perfect smile. Lip Lift Toronto is a lesser-known subtle cosmetic surgery which can bring about a drastic change to your smile. This technique enhances the mouth and accentuates the lips while perfectly balancing the facial proportions. It can change your look without having to get any implants, lips fillers or augmentations. The nose, cheeks and the overall facial appearance benefit from this procedure. With the least downtime, this procedure can do wonders for you.


Why you should opt for a lip lift?

Ageing is inevitable. As we start to age the skin starts to stretch and loses collagen which gives rise to the formation of deep lines and wrinkles. One of the common changes that we ignore most often is the elongation of the upper lip. As the facial muscles and skin lose their elasticity and start to sag, the upper lip may slowly start to extend slightly lover and cover the front teeth. This may cause the upper lip to appear thinner than it was before.


If you are one of those who are bothered by the position or the shape of their lips, then this procedure is for you. As we age the pink tissues of the lips slowly turn inwards. The upper lip measurement which is ideally 2mm of the teeth with mouth open may begin to lower. In some situations, the teeth are also naturally hidden. Lip Lift fixes exactly that.


What happens during the procedure?

In a lip lift, just a little skin is removed from the junction where the lip meets the nose. This restores the youthful lip and shows the teeth that have been in hiding for a while. All of this is done without using any fillers or implants. Just a little pulling of the mouth upwards often reveals more punk and shows more teeth when your mouth is open. This little lift will bring about amazing changes to your whole face. There is a near-instant softness, fullness and youthful position which enhances the mouth and the lower face. The lip lift is usually performed under IV sedation with local anaesthesia. The procedure takes about an hour to complete.


What is the recovery period like?

After undergoing the procedure you may experience temporary swelling and redness in the treatment area. This may last for a couple of days. The mouth is sensitive and the mucosal tissues sometimes remain inflamed for about a week or two. Though you would be able to talk and move comfortably, it is highly recommended to apply an ice pack or cold pack at short intervals to ease the inflammation. You would be provided with a list of precautions, tips and instructions which you should follow to the T as they will help you to heal quickly and comfortably. It is advised to take about 5 to 7 days off to recover.

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