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Beyonce & Jay Z Take Over For Kaepernick at Super Bowl

There’s never a dull moment with the National Football League, albeit one of their players or – in this case – celebrity fans using their platform to disrespect the police by not standing for our National Anthem. While pop singer Demi Lovato performed “The Star Spangled Banner,” both Beyonce and her husband Jay Z kept their asses glued to their expensive seats.

It has become an issue that appears to be a mainstay. Colin Kaepernick started it as a protest against the police and their treatment of blacks in our country and it has taken on a life of its own, even after a good deal of criminal justice reform that has been signed into law by the ire of the protesters’ anger, President Donald Trump.

New York is a state where a ‘no cash bail’ law change has become disastrous and the stories on the news showing the criminals who have been released only to commit more crimes shortly thereafter have been predominantly black. Draw your own conclusions, but what do these protesters want?

The NFL has committed millions of dollars to funds that benefit black areas and commissioner Roger Goodell announced during Super Bowl Weekend that they are looking into making changes to the Rooney Rule – which states that all organizations must interview at least one black candidate for an open head coach or general manager position – to make it work better since not enough teams have hired these candidates.

But all of this pandering has not changed the mind nor attitudes of many folks… apparently the mercurial power couple included.


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