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Importance of Supplementation to Our Health

Every living organism needs micronutrients for proper growth and development. As a rule, we should take vitamins and minerals through food, because nature provided all that in its pure form. But, this is not always feasible, as the quality of the food itself is worse than ever (due to soil and water pollution, use of chemical products during cultivation, etc.).

On the page below, check daily requirements for essential nutrients:

The modern lifestyle has brought numerous benefits to human nutrition, but there are certainly some negative sides. On the one hand, we do have an abundance of superfood and a considerable number of ingredients at our disposal. On the other, we developed some poor eating habits – not eating on time, skipping meals, consuming snacks, processed, and junk food, etc.

All this leads to a significant decrease in the amount of nutrients that we need every day. Although we may not eat poorly every day, these habits disturb the balance in our organism. Plus, if we add stress, lack of sleep, or strenuous training to poor nutrition, it is clear that such a pace of living can have severe consequences for our health.

Solution for Nutrient Deficiency


We can try to compensate for deficiencies of vitamins and minerals with the use of supplements. They can be in the form of oils, pills, or powders. They should contain one or more essential nutrients, which we can’t always ingest through food. Today, food quality plays a big part in magnesium deficiency, which is why it’s important to ensure you’re getting the magnesium your body needs to function properly. If you’re worried about having a magnesium deficiency, you can take an online deficiency test to find out.

Sometimes, the reason for that is a matter of personal preferences (some people don’t like some type of food, they are on a diet or have health problems like an allergy or intolerance). Sometimes, it is not physically feasible (people in cities do not have the opportunity to grow organic food).

Some things, such as essential fatty acids, cannot be synthesized by our bodies, so we have to take them through food. However, ingredients that are rich in this nutrient often contain other components (such as monounsaturated fatty acids) that may be detrimental to health if consumed in bulk. So, in order to meet the nutritional requirements, many will opt for essential fatty acid supplements.

Supplements for Recovery


Supplements like green powders for health should be a support of general wellbeing and meet the daily needs of the average human. However, for physically active people (athletes, general and public safety workers, etc.), these needs are increasing. The average person’s daily menu does not contain enough nutrients for people in need of recovery from strenuous training, competitions, or duties at work.

The bodies of physically active people need nutrients after the strenuous activities as soon as possible. Healthy and quality foods are the basis for recovery, but considering the time and quantity, it is challenging to bring in the required amount of nutrients in such a short period. An abundant meal takes a long time to digest and absorb.

Therefore, highly active people need proper supplementation for recovery. Supplements such as protein, amino acids, and glutamine are absorbed in a short time, meaning they quickly enter the bloodstream and provide faster regeneration of the body.


Formulations for Specific Needs

In some segments and situations in our lives, we could be in a higher demand for vitamins and minerals of a particular group. For example, women who want to get pregnant should take vitamins of the B complex, with an emphasis on folic acid. Some health conditions, such as arthritis, require increased consumption of antioxidants and minerals that will act as pain relievers. Also, in specific situations that occur after surgeries, we should take higher amounts of iron, zinc, and vitamin C for faster recovery.

Great for Eliminating Toxins


As mentioned before, the quality of food we have today is generally poor. It does not mean that all foods are bad, but those that are mass-produced are rich in pesticides, herbicides, and various chemicals that promote growth and keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.

Because of this technology, all kinds of fruits, grains, and vegetables are at our disposal throughout the year. That’s why people have almost forgotten the rule about seasonal eating (why this matters, find out here).

Toxins enter our bodies in different ways – through the air, water, cosmetics, but mostly through food. Because of these toxic matters, we feel tired, exhausted, and depressed. Even minor dietary adjustments and the use of adequate supplements will help us recover energy. Magnesium and zinc-based preparations hare recommended for detox, but also essential antioxidants, such as vitamins C, A, and E.


Supplements are additions to balanced nutrition, but they can’t and shouldn’t replace real meals. Our diet should be versatile, including a sufficient intake of micro and macronutrients. Whether we take supplements or not, we should strive to change our attitudes and adopt good, lasting eating habits. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but with a strong will and little effort, everything is doable.

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