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MLB Scandals

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They still call it “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” and Bobby Thompson’s blast off Ralph Branca in the rubber match of a National League ‘play-in’ game is part of baseball folklore. Even though the New York Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers and the Polo Grounds are all long gone, this home run stands the test of time, even after what was suspected was finally admitted – the Giants stole the catcher’s sign on that fateful pitch.

So when an investigation showed that the 2017 Houston Astros were doing the same thing (albeit with better technology than a pair of binoculars in the center field clubhouse), no one should be surprised. If anyone thought that no one has cheated in six-plus decades, then we have a bridge to sell you. There has also been talk of Mike Trout being given the ‘ok’ to use HGH for a thyroid condition. Details remain to be seen, but there has and always will be what some call ‘cheating’ and others call ‘gamesmanship’ in professional sports.


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