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Workouts You Can Do in Your Own Home

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A lot of people think that you need to have a gym membership in order to work out. This is absolutely not the case, it is like thinking you need to visit a casino to take part in Indiana sports gambling. In both cases you have the equipment you need at home. For some more advanced workouts you might need some small pieces of equipment, but on the whole you have everything you need right at home. So, we will start with the simplest workouts that you can carry out.


Push-ups and crunches


The old classics. While they might seem like low grade and simplistic, there is a reason that both of these exercises have been around for hundreds of years. Many people think that working out at home will not cover everything you need, but if you do it right then that does not have to be the case. In regard to the first exercise on the list, push-ups, they are almost the perfect exercise. This is because it helps to work a number of different muscle groups all at the same time. So on top of the obvious groups such as the arms and chest, it also engages the core as well as strengthening the legs and hips. It is almost as good as swimming to get your whole body working at the same time. If you are struggling to work out your whole body, then push-ups are a great way to target multiple groups at the same time without compromising.


The important part of carrying out a push-up is to ensure that you keep your form right. This is done by getting into a plank position, making sure your feet are as close together as possible, keeping your back straight and keeping your head facing down. You do not need to go all of the way down, just a 90 degree angle for your elbows is okay.


Some people might prefer to do the traditional sit up, but crunches and different crunch variations are a much better way to engage your core. It is important not to only do a standard crunch, otherwise you will not be targeting the whole core. So mix it up with exercises such as v-ups and bicycle crunches to really give your core an all-around workout.




Squats are the favorite exercise of most people. Not only will they help to keep that butt looking peachy, but they will also help to activate that core.  Your legs will also develop strength and stability. If you want to make them slightly more difficult you can just add some extra weight while doing them. Just hold something heavy close to your chest as you do the squats. Not something so heavy that you lose your balance and fall – causing damage to yourself is obviously the last thing you want to do. But a weight that is within your range of ability will make the squat slightly harder and increase the benefit that you get from it.


Jumping jacks


Cardio is vital to your health. Regardless of what aesthetic trainers might say, you need to do cardio in order to keep your heart healthy. You might burn off a little muscle, but it is worth it to keep your heart in good shape. Jumping jacks are a great way to do cardio in the home. They do not require you to run around the house, which might cause issues for other people, but they are intensive enough to get your heart rate up and give your heart a workout. If you really want to take things up a level then burpees offer a fuller body muscle workout, while also maintaining an intense cardio level. Remember, it does not matter how good you look if you are neglecting your heart, that is the most important muscle that you have.


Mix the exercises up


These are not workout plans. It is up to you to put these into action. Make sure to mix them up so that you do not become bored. If you are able to create two solid workouts using these exercises then it will give you what you need and save yourself a trip to the gym twice a week. You have to remember that having a little more time to yourself is just as important as working out, so by cutting down on your travel time without limiting your exercise too much is just as important as hitting it hard in the gym.

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