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What Are the Key Muscles in the Golf Swing and How to Build Them?

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When watching golfing pros effortlessly propel shots, golf may seem like a sport requiring minimal muscular effort. However, the contrary dawns on you when you have to repeat the same feat and drive the ball over tons of yards without falling victim to various hazards.

While excellence in golf is the marriage of brains and brawn, the former proves essential for maneuvering golf course hazards and putting shots with the least strikes. In this article, we look at important muscles for the golf swing and how to build your muscles into a sporting form.

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  1. Gluteus

The key to golf is in gaining balance and stability when swinging your golf club to hit the ball. During the backswing, the glutes provide stability allowing you to gain ample energy from your core and forearms, thus delivering the precise amount of energy per shot without falling victim of injury.

Besides gaining stability and power, training on your glutes gives you the most stability, and speed on the back and front swings. In addition to these, strengthening your gluteus helps you stop precisely upon stroking the ball, thus preventing misguidance of shots, thus quickly escaping the ingenious traps set by landscape architects.

  • Side-Lying Clam
  • Bodyweight Wall Abductor
  • Lateral Leg Raise
  • Cable Hip External Rotation
  • Donkey Kick
  • X-band squats
  • Burpees


  1. Chest

As is the nature of sports, golf calls for a balance in muscle development as it depends on all muscles. However, the breast is the least exercised and yet the most important muscles to strengthen for a golf swing.

With a well-formed chest, you can supply more power to the forearms for a shot, thus realizing faster clubhead speed. Even more, chest exercises ensure that you don’t strain your muscles when performing demanding twists, thus making your golfing experience safer.

Among the best chest exercises for golf include:

  • Dips
  • Incline Flies
  • Modified Push-ups
  • Alternate Shoulder Flies
  • Military Push-ups
  • Flat Chest Press
  • Double kneeling chest press


  1. Core

As the name suggests, the mid-section of your body is a vital region for the full engagement of your muscles in an activity. Like the latter, the core gives your shot more strength and provides for more control over your swings.

Together with your glutes, the core offers stability to the body, thus ensuring a comfortable balance when driving shots. Among the best exercises for your core include:

  • Forward Lunge and Twist with Golf Club
  • Elevated Glute Bridge
  • Power Kneeling Cable Twist
  • Stability Ball Dumbbell Twist
  • Side Plank with Cable Row
  • Lateral squat
  1. Forearms & wrists

While many consider exercise as complex combinations requiring sophisticated compounds, this is not the case with golf exercise for the forearms and wrists. Considered the essence of driving finesse swirls, it is essential to train your wrists, thus handling demanding shots without falling victim to injury.

Since the wrists are among the most frequent injuries that golf players suffer, it is essential to train for persistence, thus preventing frustrations from enjoying your sport. Among the options for Forearm and wrist training include:

  • Club Bobbing
  • Lightning Rod
  • Wrist Rotations
  • Swing a Weighted Club
  • Towel Wring


  1. External Abdominal Obliques

Abdominal oblique muscles are vital for twisting your upper body and bending. Since these two comprise the sport of golf, it is essential to include abdominal training in your exercise routine. These exercises not only allow you to push to extremes and deliver quality shots but also to prevent pain and posture problems.

Additionally, your obliques help transmit power from your hips to your upper body, thus contributing to more ability to drive shots. This increases club speed at impact, thus giving you control over strength and direction hence driving shots close to where you intended for them to land.

  • Arms-High Partial Sit-up
  • Barbell Rollout
  • Swiss Ball Crunch
  • Dip/Leg Raise Combo
  • Leg Raise
  • Plank


Besides filling your life with fun experiences, golf promises a uniform body and healthy life while exposing you to the least chance of injury. However, to give your best t

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